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The Denver chapter of AORN, or DAORN as its members refer to it, is about 600 members strong, encompassing the Denver metro area, including Boulder and Colorado Springs. Its purpose is to unite registered nurses to promote the highest professional standards of perioperative nursing practice for the patient before, during, and after operative and other invasive procedures. DAORN offers a sense of community as well as personal and professional benefits through networking and continuing education.

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President's Message

Coming soon.

2020-2021 Chapter Goals

  • Evaluate and disseminate scientific evidence to improve professional perioperative practice.
  • Mentor chapter members to become leaders who will influence healthcare locally, nationally, and globally.
  • Recruit and retain local perioperative professionals to expand the chapter’s collective knowledge and resources.
  • Continue involvement in our local community to improve and enrich the lives of the people we serve.
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Did You Know?

You’ve made it here – to our fabulous website! If you are looking to become a member of DAORN, this is how you go about it: If you are not already an AORN member, join AORN and select the Denver chapter (0601) in the membership application. If you are already an AORN member and would like to change or add chapters, please contact AORN Experience Services at (800) 755-2676 or We look forward to meeting you!

What's New?

Hot from the press! DAORN has received a very generous donation of 1000 3-packs of lightweight SmartWool socks. SmartWool requests that DAORN distribute the socks to registered nurses in Colorado in appreciation of their efforts during the pandemic. The DAORN leadership is formulating a plan to distribute the socks but we would first like to offer the DAORN nurses some of the socks. We have female socks (L, M, S) and male socks (L, M). There is a wide diversity of colors and patterns in these sizes. Please know that it is not feasible to allow requests for a specific color.

Jim will mail you a set of socks for the cost of an envelope and mailing costs – $5 in the Denver area. If you would like a 3 pack of socks please respond by text or e-mail to Jim Stobinski (720.257.4372 or jstobinski at He will instruct you where to send the check in return for the socks. Here’s to happy nurse feet!