May 2011 – Meeting Minutes

May 12, 2011 6:15 – 7 PM

 Call to Order & Welcome 1825 Jan Stull

Thank Hosting Facility: Children’s Hospital

Tammy Woolley and staff were thanked for hosting meeting.

Membership Welcome and Visitors – Susan Younger & Marissa Decoux

Visitors and guests were introduced. 329 members attended meetings for 2010-2011. 40 members are here tonight, and 2 guests

Approval of Minutes- April meeting

Minutes approved as printed.

Correspondence Jan Stull

Jan Stull read a thank you note from Jessica,our former industry rep, from Congress

Treasurer’s Report Karin Underberg

General Fund $16, 090.88

Raffle Fund $209.45

Bill Lord Scholarship Fund $7,063.75

Total Assets $23,364.08

King Soopers $5,275

Total Assets $28,639.08

Board Report

Tammy WoolleyDifference between 2010 and 2011 balances was $75.00 Karin Underberg stressed that Social Security numbers are needed before getting checks.

May 15, 2012 is DAORN’s 60th anniversary. It was suggested to recognize those who have been members for 50 years and have a dinner for the 2012 May meeting.

The results of the meeting survey show that most people do not want a change in the way meetings are conducted. A copy of the survey is on the website; please return to Tammy Woolley.

Committee Reports Committee Members

1. Awards Cathy Andrews

No applications have been received for chapter awards. Forms are on the website.

2. Bylaws Barb Youngberg

Please bring bylaws book to Barb or call her and she will pick up.

3. Education Jan Stull gave report for Peggy Camp. Fall workshop planning is in place.

4. Education Grants Barbara Hershelman

Kathy Doughty, Eileen Havey, and Ellen Lord received grants. No new applications have been received. The next deadline is July 20th. Requirements for eligibility were reviewed. The form is posted on the website.

5. Fall Workshop Julie Martin, Lynn Parton, Peggy Camp

See report under Education, #3, above.

6. Finance Karin Underberg

Karin requested 3 volunteers to audit the books. Jan Stull, Barb Hershelman, and Tammy Woolley volunteered.

9. Legislative Jan Stull gave report for Mary Jo Steiert

CNA is working on 40 different bills. Its offices have been moved to the first floor of the AORN building.

10. CNA Micki Parsons

Parity for nurses did not pass House.

12. Ways and Means Ellen Lord

    • 6 applications were received for a Bill Lord scholarship. The Board will review applications at their meeting in May.
    • The Bill Lord Memorial Golf tournament is June 6. Needs include:

a. Volunteers

b.Celebrity (ies) to play. Celebrities play for free and are invited to stay for lunch. Fox 31 may promote the golf tournament and will try to find a celebrity to golf.

c. Items are needed for stuffers for 120 goodie bags. Please bring items to the meeting next month

c. Items and volunteers for silent auction

d. People to play

Flyers were distributed at the meeting and are on the website. 3 holes have been sponsored so far. 12 people have signed up to play. Ellen will meet for consignment items tomorrow morning. Please volunteer for course and silent auction.

13. Informatics-Faith Beazer will update the website.

I .Unfinished Business Jan Stull

Faith Beazer. The Tissue Education workshop will be June 11th at Children’s. Register with Faith. Checks or cash only at the door. Information will be posted on our website, at hospitals, and will be on OR Nurse link. Sessions provided includeOsteobiologics: Bone Physiology and Healing, Allograft Tissue: Requirements for the Surgical Setting, and Improving Safety in Tissue Transplantation


J. New Business Jan Stull

1. Deb Warren from AORN is looking for anyone who would like to sponsor leadership committee attendees for dinner on June 25. Karin Underberg volunteered to host a group.

  1. 6 people applied for a Bill Lord scholarship. $3000 is available for scholarships. 4 applications have been approved, with a possible 5th based on further discussion between the Jan Stull and Ellen Lord.

    A motion was passed to award $650 for 5 applicants or $800 for 4 applicants pending final determination of number of applicants approved. Scholarships will be awarded at the golf tournament.

  2. Lynn Parton announced that on July 16 the Rocky Mountain Chapter for Healthcare Central Service Personnel is having a ÒCollege of CleanÓ at Medical Center of the Rockies. Brochures will be sent to hospitals. Information is on their website.
  3. Rose Seavey noted that currently Congress delegates are not eligible for education grants and asked for further discussion at a future meeting.

K. President’s awards:

  • Barb Youngberg for her contributions to the chapter, specifically for her work towards changing the policy for determining quorum.
  • Peggy Camp for her efforts towards providing quality educational offerings for the year.

Faith Beazer and Julie Martin were thanked for their work on the AORN national chapter award application.

The following committee chair people were recognized

  • Cathy Andrews, Awards
  • Barb Youngberg, Bylaws
  • Mickie Parsons, CNA
  • Peggy Camp, Education
  • Barb Hershelman, Education grants
  • Peggy Camp, Julie Martin, Lynn Pardon- Fall workshop
  • Karin Underberg-Treasurer
  • Leisa Hatlestad-Hospital captains
  • Faith Beazer-Informatics
  • Marissa DeCoux and Susan Younger-Membership
  • Sharon Luhrs and Rebecca Loptien-OR Nurses week
  • Geri Pesek, Tellers committee
  • Ellen Lord-Ways and Means
  • Geri Hopkins-Raffle and King’s Soopers coupons

The members enjoyed the chocolate theme for the installation of officers and ceremony thanking current board and committee leaders.

Marissa and Susan provided perfect attendance membership awards to Cathy Andrews, Faith Beazer, Eileen Fraser, Gerri Hopkins, Geri Pesek, Rose Seavey, Jan Stull, Tammy Woolley, and Barb Youngberg

K. Meeting adjourned at 1915. Jan Stull

Respectfully submitted,

Julie Mower, Secretary