President’s Message October 2011

Thank you to Children’s Hospital Colorado and to Norma Roath from Cardinal for sponsoring the site and dinner at the September meeting.  It was the first time we have introduced teleconferencing during the meeting and we will continue to partner with the host facilities to offer this alternative for meeting attendance.  Call in information will be listed on the meeting reminder postcard and we will coordinate with the speaker to have the speaker slides posted on the DAORN website.

If you are reading this message, you have visited the new DAORN website!  Thanks to Faith Beazer for taking the lead and moving our website forward with an updated program.  Board members and select Chapter members have direct access to update information on  line so we hope this provides more timely information to the Chapter members.

     Thank you to all the members who have signed up as committee chairs/members and host hospitals for the 2011-2012 Chapter year.  I can’t help but notice we have the same handful of “active” members to I would encourage all members to get involved with at least one committee or project this year and become “active” in your local organization.  All the committee chairs were listed in the September newsletter or contact me and I will help you get connected.

     The October meeting will be held on October 13th at Porter Hospital and on October 14th at St. Joe’s will be our combined Fall Workshop.  Special thanks to Peggy Camp, Peggy Spitzer, Lynn Parton and Faith Beazer for organizing this event.  We have several vendors already signed up so take advantage of this opportunity to earn CEU’s as well as support your Chapter in this fundraising event.

Tammy Woolley