KSC & Raffles – October 9, 2011

Thanks to every one who bought $1800 of KSC at our September 8, 2011, chapter meeting.  Our chapter has $25 and $100 gift cards for sale at each chapter meeting.  Please bing $25 or more in cash or check to our October meeting to buy KSC to support our delegates.

The winners of the prizes donated for our September 8, 2011, “You Are a Masterpiece” Raffle were:  1.  Hallmark Tablet/Maggie Zeaphey.  2.  Pareau Wrap Around/Eileen Havey.  3.  Cosmetic Bag/Kathy Doughty.  4.  Lacquer Art Plate/Kathy Doughty.  5.  Alarm Clock/Terry Russell

Thanks to the following donors of the five prizes in our “Early Christmas Shoppers” Raffle on October 13, 2011:

1.  Nature Craft/Geri Pesek

2.  Knitted Neck Scarf/Mary Luedders

3.  Case for iPhone/Maggie Zeaphey

4.  Foot Notes/Jan Stull

5.  LCD Alarm Clock/DAORN

Gerry Hopkins, Ways and Means, Games Manager