KSC & Raffles – November 2, 2011

Thanks to everyone who bought $1750 of KSC at our October 13, 2011, chapter meeting.  Our chapter has $25 and $100 King Soopers gift cards for sale at each chapter meeting.  Please bring $25 or more in cash or check to our November meeting to buy KSC to support our delegates.

The winners of the prizes donated for our October 13, 2011, “Early Christmas Shoppers” Raffle were:  1.  Nature Craft/Coleen McCarthy.  2.  Knitted Scarf/GG Braa.   3.  iPhone Case/Pika Lynch.  4.  Foot Notes/Kim Caesar.  5.  Alarm Clock/Jan Stull.  6.  Pumpkin Craft/Maggie Zeaphey.  7.  Pumpkin Craft/Larry Marshino.  8.  Pumpkin Craft/Coleen McCarthy.  Thanks to Jan Stull for the three pumpkin crafts.

Thanks to the DAORN chapter for donating the following prizes for the “Perioperative Nurses Week” Raffle on November 10, 2011.

1.  Locker Mirror

2.  Shopping Kit Bags

3.  Cosmetic Travel Bag

4.  Cooler Lunch Bag

5.  LCD Alarm Clock

Gerry Hopkins, Ways and Means, Games Manager