President’s Message March

Thank you to St. Anthony’s hospital for sponsoring the February Chapter meeting and the meal.  We had a great turnout for the meeting and to see the new facility.  Thank you to those that donated to our Chapter’s donation for the AORN Foundation Auction at Congress. 

The March meeting will only be for our delegates.  It will be held at P/SL on March 8th.  AORN Congress will be in New Orleans the week of March 24th. 

Our Nominating Committee has put together an outstanding ballot for Chapter officers for next year.  Be looking for the ballot soon in your mail and be sure and follow the instructions so your vote counts!

The April chapter meeting will be held at North Suburban on April 12th.  Check back in March for conference call phone numbers and additional information about the May dinner to celebrate our 60th Anniversary.   

Thanks for all your support!

Tammy Woolley