Meeting minutes-Feb. 9, 2012


Date: Feb. 9, 2012                                                         HOST FACILITY:  St. Anthony West

Meeting called to order by President Tammy Woolley at 1802

Host and dinner sponsors: St. Anthony West was thanked for hosting the meeting and providing dinner. Tours of the new facility will be available after the education presentation.

Guests were introduced and welcomed.

1. Approval of business meeting minutes   

Minutes were approved as written by members present.

2. Correspondence

The Luminess laser rep would like to offer a laser workshop at no cost; the chapter could charge a registration fee and use the event as a fundraiser. This would not be a laser certification course. There was moderate interest from chapter members present; Tammy will poll other hospitals to determine if others would be interested in attending and report back at April meeting.

DAORN is donating a basket for the silent auction for the AORN foundation at Congress. Please give Colorado-themed items to Tammy by Feb. 17th. Cash donations are also welcome. Basket must be worth at least $200.

3. Treasurer’s report        K. Underberg

General Fund Raffle Fund Bill Lord Scholarship Fund Total assets


Total assets

$ 19,899.15 $ 508.70 $ 3,863.75 $ 24,271.60 $4,025 $28,299.60

4. Committee Reports                    (Committee chairs or designees)

Education (Peggy Camp-presented by Ellen Lord)

The education session tonight will be on moderate sedation. The chapter would like to congratulate Peggy on her well-deserved retirement.

Membership (Susan Younger)

DAORN has 538 members. 1 guest was present.

Nominating (Kathy Doughty)

Candidates for DAORN Offices for 2012 are as follows:

President-elect: Julie Mower, Susan Younger

Board: Cathy Andrews, Dee Claasen, Eileen Havey

Nominating committee: Danielle Blea, Amanda Brown, April Erbland, Jane Fulton-Junge

Secretary: Julie Martin

Ballot will be available at the April meeting. The biographies of candidates are on the website.


Ways and Means (Ellen Lord)

A chapter table has been approved for Congress. Pins and the ever popular potato bags will be for sale. There will be no raffles allowed at Congress this year. Contact Ellen if you would like to volunteer to sit at the booth.

The Bill Lord Memorial Gold Tournament will be held at the Ranch June 4th. Please contact Ellen if you would like to work on this committee. Time commitment is 3 meetings, the first one will be held after Congress.

Awards (Mary Jo Steiert)

Tammy charged the awards committee to recognize long-term members of the chapter at the May dinner. Please give chapter leadership/educator/clinical excellence nominees to Mary Jo. Forms are on the website.

Research (Sheila Liston)

               An article on education for nurses in an Australian hospital was provided for chapter discussion and review.

Raffle (Gerry Hopkins)

Fabulous valentine-themed merchandise is available for the raffle tonight, as well as King Soopers Coupons. See Gerry for a ticket.

60 year celebration (Eileen Fraser)

The date for the dinner will be May 10th

Choices for venues have been narrowed down to 3:

1. History CO Center-must pay $800 for room fee plus expenses for catering, etc. This venue will not be available until April 28.

2. Arvada Center-rents for free, have to spend minimum of $4000. Includes linens, china, candles, set up and tear down, menu choices.

3. Summit-6th and I-225. Room rental is $4500.

Meals will be approximately $30/each.

The committee will expand the search for a potential site to hospitals (specifically St. Joseph’s). Benefits to holding the event at a hospital include no minimum charge or room fee, the caterer at the hospital could be used, and cost savings would allow the chapter to fund more of the expenses. Several members present supported this idea.  The committee is still accepting donations from vendors. Please contact  if you would like to help.

Education grant (Barb Hershelman)

Linda Ortiz, Cathy Andrews, and Jan Stull were approved for Congress registration fee.

Informatics (Faith Beazer)

Faith introduced the idea of running hospital job postings on the DAORN website. There was no opposition from the members present. It was recommended to charge between $250-$500/spot. The revenue generated would help to offset the cost of printing and mailing postcards. Tammy will contact local hospitals to discuss if they would like to use the DAORN website for posting job openings.

New business

Tammy asked for input on the change to the 2011-2012 monthly meeting schedule change. Please give feedback on the abbreviated schedule to Rebecca Loptien.

There will not be a March meeting. Rebecca Loptien will be hosting the Congress delegates March 8 at 1800 at Presbyterian St. Luke’s. Rebecca asked that delegates provide her with their names and phone numbers.

Mary Jo Steiert announced a “Pink Vail” ski event to support breast cancer. Contact her for details or go to

Rose Seavey announced that the Rocky Mountain Chapter for Healthcare Central Service Personnel will be holding a conference on July 28th. Please contact her for more details.

Next meeting:

Delegates only: March 8, 1800, at Presbyterian St. Luke’s.

April 12, North Suburban Medical Center

Educational offering:  Update on IV sedation, presented by Dr. Ben Chang

Meeting adjourned at 1832

Appendix A: Officer Biographies, 2012 election

Respectfully submitted,

J. Mower, Secretary