April 2012 – Meeting Minutes


Date: April 12, 2012                                                              HOST FACILITY:  North Suburban Medical Center

Meeting called to order by President Tammy Woolley at 1802

Host and dinner sponsors: North Suburban Medical Center, Phil and Nancy were thanked for hosting the meeting; Ansell was thanked for providing dinner and our speaker. Tours of the new facility will be available after the education presentation.

Guests were introduced and welcomed.

1. Approval of business meeting minutes   

Minutes were approved as written by members present.

2. Correspondence            none

3. Treasurer’s report        K. Underberg

General Fund Raffle Fund Bill Lord Scholarship Fund Total assets


Total assets

$ 22, 112.24 $ 166.70 $ 3,863.75 $ 26,142.69 $1,575 $27,717


Printing costs: Karin provided costs for postcards, stamps, and ballots and newsletters. It costs DAORN just under $1900 for printing fall newsletter and postcards.  $390 was spent on ballots this year.

Recommendations: Continue Sept. newsletter and then refer to website throughout the rest of year. R. Jagersky suggested that hospital captains provide monthly updates on meetings, etc. to members on their staff. Members already have the option of receiving e-mails when items are posted on the DAORN website.

4. Committee Reports                      (Committee chairs or designees)

Board report (Rebecca Loptein)

Congress was a success with many good speakers. House of Delegates did not vote on changing membership status for voting/non-voting; this issue was tabled until next Congress. Katherine Halverson-Carpenter received the award for outstanding achievement in management. Rose Seavey received the award for outstanding achievement in mentorship. The chapter congratulates both these nurses on their achievements.

Results of the national election were provided to membership.

Kathy Doughty shared her experiences at Congress and urged others to volunteer in order to be eligible to attend Congress as delegates.

Education (Peggy Camp-presented by Ellen Lord)

The education session tonight will be on sharp and ergonomic safety issues in the healthcare setting, presented by Lori Jensen, RN.

Membership (Susan Younger)

DAORN has 493 members. 3 guests were present. 37 members present at meeting.

Teller committee (presented by Gerry Hopkins) Committee consisted of Gerry Hopkins, Barb Wiens, Marge Utz, Kathy Doughty, and Gerry Pesek (chair). The committee met on April 2 at 1300 to tally the ballots for the 2012 election of officers and nominating committee.

540 ballots were mailed with a return of 90 ballots. 9 ballots were deemed ineligible (2 members had not renewed their membership; one person was not on record as a DAORN member; and 6 return envelopes were missing names/address.

Candidates for DAORN Offices for 2012 are as follows:

President-elect: Julie Mower

Board: Cathy Andrews

Nominating committee: Amanda Brown, April Erbland, Jane Fulton-Junge

Secretary: Julie Martin

T. Woolley and committee will verify outcome before ballots are destroyed.

Ways and Means (Ellen Lord)

Ellen thanked all who volunteered at Congress sales booth.  Sales netted $400. Potato bags are still for sale.

The Golf tournament will be held on June 4th. Putting registration on line will save $600.  An on-line silent auction has also been suggested. If anyone is interested in volunteering, please contact Ellen.  Contact Gerry Hopkins to donate items for silent auction.

Awards (Mary Jo Steiert)

Mary Jo asked for all members to nominate a peer for an award. Mary Jo would also like to offer a special award for our 60th anniversary. Give your ideas to Mary Jo.

Research (Jim Stobinski)

Jim asked the group the question: Does being certified makes a difference? Only 8 studies are available researching a possible link between certification and patient outcomes. Out of 3.1 million nurses in the US, 500,000 do not practice. He encouraged perioperative nurses to become more involved with research and linking certification to patient care.

Maggie Zeaphey and Cathy Andrews won fabulous prizes for correctly identifying answers to the research contest questions.

Raffle (Gerry Hopkins)

No raffle items tonight.  See Gerry about donating items for golf tournament silent auction and King Soopers coupons.

Bylaws (Barb Youngberg)

Please give committee and officer notebooks to Barb Youngberg no later than the May meeting.

60 year celebration (Eileen Fraser)

The date for the dinner will be May 10th.   Eileen is looking for volunteers to help with registration, clean-up, and collecting funds.  Board meeting will be at 5:30, with dinner from 6-9pm. The charge for the dinner is $10/person. We cannot sell liquor, but we can bring wine in. Eileen encouraged members to ask their reps for donations. The chapter will pay for members who have been members for 30+ years/Denver chapter or a national member for 50+ years. Please RSVP by May 1st to Eileen. Spouses are welcome.

Choices for venues have been narrowed down to 2: Children’s, and Exempla St. Joseph’s. Members selected St. Joseph’s for site for dinner. Please support the awards committee-let Mary Jo know of anyone you’d like to nominate.

Education grant (Barb Hershelman)

No applications received. The next deadline for submitting an application is July 20th.

Legislative (Jan Stull)

Jan encouraged members to become acquainted with the issues surrounding the national presidential election. A bill related to prescriptive authority for APN’s has been signed. A bill is being drafted that would require licensure of anesthesia technicians. Check out the Colorado Nurse’s Association website at http://www.nurses-co.org/default.asp?PageID=10002256 for more information.

New business

Peggy Camp, Barb Hershelman, and April Erbland volunteered to audit the treasurer’s books with Karin.

Rocky Mt. Chapter for Healthcare Central Service Personnel will be holding their summer conference July 28th. More information is on their website at http://rockymountainchapter.org/AboutUs/AboutUs.html

The Fall workshop will be at Children’s.  Stay tuned for more details.

Next meeting:

May 10th at Exempla St. Joseph’s, 60th anniversary banquet and installation of officers, 6-9pm.

Meeting adjourned at 1843

Respectfully submitted,

J. Mower, Secretary