May 10th 2012 – Meeting Minutes


Date: May 10, 2012

HOST FACILITY:  Exempla St. Joseph’s Hospital

Meeting called to order by Tammy Woolley at 1838

Host and dinner sponsors: Tammy thanked St. Joseph’s and Eileen Fraser for the wonderful dinner. Tammy also thanked CCI for donating the wine. Mary Jo Steiert and Eileen were recognized for planning the dinner and awards ceremony.

1. Approval of business meeting minutes April meeting  

Minutes were approved as written by members present.

2. Correspondence T. Woolley

a. A thank-you note was received from the AORN Foundation for the $200 donation for the silent auction at Congress.

b. Edith Fox congratulated the chapter on its 60th anniversary.

3. Treasurer’s report        K. Underberg-see balance sheet

General Fund Raffle Fund Bill Lord Scholarship Fund Total assets


Total assets

$ 22,548.16 $ 166.70 $ 5,841.75 $ 28,556.61 $5275 $ 33,831.61

4. Committee Reports                      (Committee chairs or designees)

  • Fall workshop, Education (Peggy Camp) Peggy thanked the chapter for participating in educational offerings throughout the year. Please contact her to volunteer to help with the Fall Workshop. Lynn Parton was thanked for her contribution to the Fall Workshop.
  • Membership (Susan Younger) 497 members in chapter; 29 had signed in. Susan encouraged everyone to sign in. Susan presented awards for perfect attendance to 15 members.
  • Nominating (Kathy Doughty): Tammy thanked Kathy for putting together two strong ballots.
  • OR Nurse Week (Nancy Johnson): Nancy was thanked for her work in planning OR Nurse Week.
  • Awards: (Mary Jo Steiert):  Mary Jo stated that no chapter nominations were received. She provided an overview of the awards: Educator, clinical practice, and leadership. She thanked CCI and AORN for their support. Past recipients of chapter awards and those who had held national office were recognized, in addition to AORN staff that was present. A special recognition was extended to Lola Fehr and Phyllis Drennan for their contributions. Gerry Hopkins and Geri Pesek were thanked for their years of service to DAORN.
  • Raffle/Historian (Gerry Hopkins):  Gerry was thanked for bringing photo albums that illustrate the history of the chapter. The next raffle will be at the golf tournament in the form of the silent auction. May bring items to be auctioned the morning of the golf tournament.
  • 60 year celebration (Eileen Fraser): Eileen and Spring dinner committee were thanked for their stellar job in planning the 60th anniversary gala.
  • Legislative: Mickie Parsons: ANA is restructuring, and the Colorado Nurses Association has requested to be part of the pilot program.
  • Ways and means (Ellen Lord):  The Golf Tournament is requesting donations for the silent auction. Contact Gerry Hopkins. Deb Warren was thanked for her continual support of the silent auction every year. To keep expenses down, the registration form will be on-line.  It may be accessed on the DAORN website. Those wishing to pay by credit card (registration fees/silent auction purchases) may do so the day of the tournament.

Please submit scholarship applications; they will be sent to the board prior to the golf tournament. Potato bags are still available and will be for sale at the golf tournament.

$600 was netted at Congress.

  • Teller committee (Geri Pesek): Ballots from the 2012-2013 officer/board election have been destroyed.
  • Publicity: Linda Legler was thanked for helping with the monthly postcard.
  • Financial committee (Karin Underberg): Books were successfully audited by Barb Hershelman and Erica Zamira.

Old business

  • Chapter notebooks should be turned in to Tammy; she will give them to Barb Youngberg to update over the summer.

New business

Tammy thanked the outgoing officers and board members and installed the new officers/board. Secretary (Julie Martin), President (Rebecca Loptien) and Vice President (Faith Beazer) will be installed at the summer board meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 1928

Respectfully submitted,

J. Mower, Secretary