September 13, 2012 Meeting Minutes



Date: September 13, 2012                                                  HOST FACILITY:  Children’s


Meeting called to order by Rebecca Loptien at 1805


Thank you to sponsors: Rebecca Loptien, DAORN President acknowledged Children’s Hospital for hosting the meeting and Stryker for providing the dinner.


Attendance/Guests:  There were 34 members present and 7 guests introduced.


Approval of May meeting minutes– minutes approved as written.


Treasurer’s report:  **see balance sheet


General Fund:                                  $ 20,448.39

Raffle Fund:                                      $      612.70

Bill Lord Scholarship Fund:           $   3,391.75

Subtotal Current Assets:   $24,452.84

King Soopers:                                  $   3,250

Total Current Assets:       $27,702.84


Correspondence: R. Loptien – Two thank you cards from Bill Lord scholarship recipients.  There will be a private viewing on Weds.12/12/12 for the Rose Bowl Float if interested.  Rebecca received the report from national board of directors dated 8-17 & 8-18-12.  Chapter received congratulations card from Carlyne White – past President 1974-1975 with either $50 or $100 donation.


Board Report:  None


Old business:

  • Directory – Publicity committee will publish about 25 directories for distribution so please make sure your contact information is up-to-date.
    • Clarification of Bill Lord Scholarship criteria – Rebecca relayed concerns on lack of clarity in the decision to allocate funds “50/50” to the scholarship and general fund; and that it may appear deceiving to advertise the golf tournament as benefitting nursing scholarships when 50% of proceeds get allocated to general fund.  Members discussed most of the general funds go for delegates to attend Congress which is related to nursing education.  Rebecca researched bylaws which state the board can allocate the % proceeds annually. Board will discuss at next meeting if Ellen Lord can be present to provide input.
    • Committee sign up – We still have vacancies so please let the chairs or Rebecca know if you are willing to volunteer.




 New business:

  • Networking with members – Changed from January meeting to April meeting due to Victoria Steeleman (national officer) providing CEU at January meeting.
  • Congress Silent Auction – This will be the 60th Congress and DAORN board would like to participate but need ideas.  Member suggested donating a trip to the leadership conference which is in Colorado annually.  Julie Mower agreed to check into registration cost and Melanie will help with hotel contacts.
  • Foundation and Chapter Challenge donation – Last year we donated $500 which helps support nursing scholarships.  Motion was made to donate $500 this year.  Discussion was heard regarding limiting to $500 again this year and donating more funds to Bill Lord scholarship.  Mary Jo Steiert made a motion to amend previous motion to increase foundation donation to $1,000 (based on chapter having healthy balance).  Motion was approved with only 3 opposed.



Committee Reports                 (Committee chairs or designees)

  • Nominating:  chapter approved for 16 delegates.
  • By Laws:  Updated books were distributed and Barb was thanked for her contributions as Amanda will be new committee chair.
  • Awards – no report
  • Fall workshop, Education: Fall Workshop will be Oct. 19th at PSL.  See Peggy for volunteer sign up and Save the Date cards. Please complete evaluations for CEU offering tonight.
  • Finance – no report
  • Legislative: no report
  • Membership – no report
  • Publicity – won’t be sending post cards this year so check annual mailer that was recently sent or the website for future meeting dates.  Members can sign up for email notifications on DAORN website, but email changes must go through AORN headquarters.
  • OR Nurse Week – Annual museum event was described and will be Nov. 10th from 10-3pm.  Volunteer sigh up sheet distributed and request to gather supplies was made by committee chair.
  • Education Grants – There is no deadline to applying for grants.
  • Ways and Means – Congress sales generated profit of $500-$600 which poses the question of do we want to continue since it is so much work?  No decision made.  Update of golf tournament profit of $2,251.70.  Silent auction sold 7 Peyton Manning prints but “lightly reprimanded” with warning for “wall of wine” sale which it is illegal to raffle alcohol (who knew?!!).  Chair also posed question of changing golf tournament to fall which Peggy will survey vendors and report back in November.  Subsequent discussion regarding allocation of funds from golf tournament which was deferred until October board meeting when Ellen Lord can provide input.
  • Research – Still need chair.
  • Hospital Captains – Please see Cathy A. to update list.
  • Raffle/Historian – Gerry thanked everyone who participated in silent auction.
  • Informatics – already reported under publicity (see above).
  • Teller committee – no report



Meeting adjourned at 1902


Respectfully submitted,

Julie Martin, Secretary