DAORN Bylaws Change

Important news!
AORN has made changes to their bylaws, some of which will affect our chapter. Please review the following documents and be prepared to discuss/vote on them  during  our Sept. meeting.
The first document is AORN’s changes to the bylaws as voted on during Congress in March. Please note that Articles  II, III, and XIII are mandatory and must be included in our policy and procedure book exactly as written. They will not require a vote.
The next document is one that our Bylaws chair has drafted which incorporates AORN’s bylaws (as applicable) into our own policies and procedures.
Please take a moment to familiarize yourselves with these documents. Thank you!
Julie Mower, President, DAORN 


2013 2014 Bylaws Guidelines2 for Chapters

DAORN Bylaws changes 2013