Meeting Minutes – September 2015

DAORN Chapter Meeting-

Thursday September 10, 2015

Call in: 1-866-740-1260 & Access Code: 5177749


Meeting called to order by Faith Beazer, DAORN Chapter President @ 1905


Membership welcomed by Faith.


Minutes reviewed from the May 14, 2015 meeting and a discrepancy in raffles account identified by Gerry Hopkins.  Subsequent to correction of raffles discrepancy in the minutes, the revised minutes were approved by the members present.


Faith introduced new ideas to the monthly meeting in order to bring the focus back to nursing and less business oriented.  She also explained how the educational offerings will be first, starting promptly @ 6pm, followed by the business meeting for Thursday evening meetings.  We are also trying two Saturday morning meetings where the business meeting will be first followed by the educational meeting.  The goal of Saturday morning meetings is to present an opportunity for members who cannot make Thursday evening meetings to attend a chapter meeting.


Attendance & Guests:    29 members present

1 guest present

Ready Talk in use and no members joined via telephone

Good Catch /Safety Story: Goal to bring focus back to why we do what we do everyday

Sharon Luhrs: AV fistula case insuring adequate anesthesia

Karin Underberg: PD Catheter case insuring the correct catheter for patient homecare

Cathy Andrews: Patient with two armbands on catching that both were NOT the same


Member of the Month:

Each month a member of the chapter will be highlighted and presented.  The first member of the month was selected by Faith as president.  Subsequent members will be nominated and voted on at the board meeting.  As part of the member of the month program the chapter will donate $50 to the member of the month’s charity of choice.


September Member of the Month:                            Gerry Hopkins

  • 1955-58 attended Lillie Jolly School of Nursing in Houston, Texas, and received Diploma in Nursing 1958
  • 1958 started her career in the Operating Room
  • 1960—1965—instructor of three month Operating Room Nursing Course at Lillie Jolly School of Nursing.
  • 1963 Received her BSN from Sacred Heart Dominican College
  • 1966—1971—staff nurse at Beth Israel Hospital, Denver
  • 1971—2002—staff nurse in the Operating Room at Lutheran Hospital, Wheat Ridge, Colorado
  • 1959 attended her 1st AORN Congress
  • 1972—Present—member of DAORN. Served as President X 2.  Most of my committee work has been on Ways and Means working on King Soopers Certificates, Raffles, Silent Auctions, and Golf Tournaments.
  • Strongly values continuing education and this is why she is still active in the chapter, to help support continuing education for all.
  • Charity of Choice: Second Wind Fund, aimed at prevention of teen suicide


President’s Gift presented to 2014-15 President Sharon Luhrs by Faith

Introduction and recognition of 2015-16 board member by Faith.


Treasurer’s Report: September 2015 Submitted by Tammy Woolley

Income                                     $8, 009 (Golf tournament & dues reimbursement from National)

Expenses                                  $29.50

General Account                 $31,185.74

Bill Lord Account               $1,940.85  (Need to transfer $255 into Raffles account)

Raffles Account  $43.70


Presentation of 2015-16 Chapter Goals: Faith presented revised chapter goals for 2015, highlighting how we are meeting each goal.

  • Increase opportunities to participate in chapter meetings.
  • Increase scholarship applications from nursing students by increasing awareness to nursing programs.
  • Support and celebrate individual chapter members’ accomplishments.
  •  “Adopt a cause” in recognition of celebrated chapter member at each meeting.
  • Participate in community events to promote health and awareness of perioperative nursing.


Unfinished Business:       None


New Business:

Bill Lord Memorial Golf Tournament and allocation of profits to nursing scholarships

Faith introduced the topic highlighting how in past years this has been an item that has at times dominated business meeting, distracting from other topics.

Tammy was asked to present historical data related to golf tournament profits along with number of scholarships awarded each year and amounts.


Year Income after Expenses Scholarships given based on previous years income
2009 $8507 $7500
2010 $2206 $4000
2011 $3706 $3200
2012 $2709 $3500
2013 $4409 $1000
2014 $3756 $4000
2015 ($2100 for next year’s distribution) $2400
Total $25193 $22400

There is only a difference of $3793 that went into the general fund + the $2100 from this year that hasn’t gone to scholarships yet.  I would conclude that we have given 89% of the profits to scholarships.


Ellen Lord presented her views related to the scholarship and it reflecting her late husband Bill Lord’s dedication to the Denver Chapter, nursing and the cause of supporting Nursing Education.

Faith concluded the presentation by stating that her goal was for all members to think about this and be prepared to discuss at the October meeting.  The ultimate goal is to establish a specific & enduring allocation strategy for allocation of Bill Lord Memorial Golf Tournament Profits.

Other points from the membership made were:

  • The tournament is represented to the vendors who support that profits go for nursing scholarships
  • Questions about what is in the by-laws. Question if by-laws posted on website.  Suggestion to post just pertinent the portion of the by-laws on line, since document lengthy.  Faith will also bring printed copies to October meeting.
  • It was noted that per IRS regulations scholarships cannot benefit the membership and that moneys must be turned over within 1 year.

Meeting adjourned @ 1939 by Faith Beazer Chapter President.

Minutes submitted by: Karin Underberg DAORN Vice-President

For the convenience of the members the attached addendum contains Committee Presentation Summary since committee reports were not presented as part of the official meeting.



DAORN Chapter Educational Offering September 10, 2015


Parliamentary Procedure Review by Sandy Lindall

Committee Chair Presentation /Reports


Bylaws Committee Chair Amanda Brown

Function to review and update the by-laws bi-annually aligning with AORN national by-laws.  She is planning to arrange a tour of legislature for committee members.


Education Committee Chair Peggy Camp

Function of the committee to solicit monthly speakers, obtain CE approval and coordinate the annual Fall Workshop. Appealed to membership to think of people at your facility to speak at a meeting and highlight their accomplishments.

2015 workshop info presented:

                  Improving Patient Safety: The Team Makes the Difference

                  October 30, 2015 @ Lowery Conference Center


Opening session – David Wyatt – Transformational Leadership
AM Breakout – Troy Rackman —Legal Issues (waiting on title from Ellen), OR Dr. Kim Vanderveen – “When bad things happen”
PM Breakout – Cindy Thistel—Bug Explosion -Containing the bad bugs in the Perioperative setting; Waiting on either Molnlycke for speaker – alternative is Marina Stewart – TMCA SPD Manager),
Closing Session – Karen Fernandez – Joint Commission/ CMS Compliance


Finance Committee Chair Tammy Woolley Treasurer

Function to create the chapter budget, audit the books and serve on the grant committee.


Informatics Committee Faith Beazer

Function is to maintain update the website.  Invited any interested members with creative streak to help with website.


Legislative Committee Mickey Parsons

Function is to keep membership educated on State and National legislative initiatives that impact nursing or nursing has an interest in.  Mickey will investigate getting the 2015 OR Nurses Week Certificate signed by the governor.  She also highlighted the fun and access aspects of attending the annual Legislative Dinner.


OR Nurses Day @ Museum Chair Sharron Luhrs

Function is to coordinate activities that publically highlight OR Nurses Week with the support of chapter members.  Historically we have exhibited at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.   For this year we have been asked to do so on multiple dated, the two that Sharron accepted are Saturday October 10 & Saturday February 28 from 8am-2pm.  Fifth graders and their families will be bused in to participate.  Stations will be “Operation”, Hand Hygiene, and Pulse Oxsymetry.  Sharon is in need of donation of Yellow Isolation Gowns, Small masks (preferably the loop kind over ties), & Masks.

Ways & Means Committee Chair Ellen Lord

Function is to coordinate fund raising efforts/events for the support of the chapter & its goals.  Fund raising efforts include the annual Bill Lord Memorial Golf Tournament and Congress/Expo sales.  The date for the 2016 golf tournament is set to be Monday June 6, 2016.  Ellen highlighted how during the economic downturn many golf tournaments including ours have had a decrease in profits.  However, based on her recent participation in other tournaments this seems to be turning around. Her goal is 100.


Awards Committee Chair Mary Jo Steiert, information presented on her behalf by Faith

Function of the committee to recognize on both a local and national level the efforts and accomplishments of the membership.  Faith encouraged members to think about nominating staff at their facility for local chapter awards.  Faith announced that the committee is already in the process of nominating two chapter members for national awards, Barb Youngberger for the Volunteer Award & Ellen Lord for the Education Award.


Hospital Captains Chair Cathy Andrews

Function is to help support communication at the various local hospitals to staff that are not present at meetings.  This group is also utilized to communicate out last minute meeting changes/cancelations.


Membership Co Chairs Maggie Bacca & Andine Gilmore

Function is to tally the members present at monthly meeting, recognize guests and reach out to unfamiliar faces at monthly meeting, welcoming them into our chapter.


Karin Underberg – Vice President