Meeting Minutes – October 2015


DAORN Business Minutes

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Attendees:          see sign-in sheets


Meeting called to order by chapter President Faith Beazer @ 6:58 pm


Quorum Present: Yes


Action on Previous Minutes:       Motion to approve September chapter meeting minutes made by Leisa Hatelstad, seconded by Rose Seavy.  Vote taken and minutes approved unanimously.


Balance in Treasury


Account/Category Amount Notes
Income $420 Dues refund from national
Expenses $2593.18 Golf tournament expenses & others
General Account $30.052.82  
Bill Lord $1.930.85  
Raffles $288.70 Includes transfer in from Raffle at golf tournament
Total Balance $32,272.37  


Attendance  & Quorum:                                   34 member present (including 1 call in) Quorum is member present, and minimum number of board members present


Good Catch:

Karin offered a patient who was a recent trauma with spinal cord injury who needed a foley inserted.  One of the periop students was in the room when she went to insert the foley it was obvious the patient was in need of peri-care.  The novice nurse spoke up and when the surgeon grumbled she state we are doing it.

?Andrew??offered a story of a patient who he had caught an incorrect consent.  The name on the consent was correct, but the procedure was incorrect.  The surgeon had been getting several consents one after the next and filled in the consent with the wrong procedure and the patient signed without questioning things.  It was caught during the pre-op interview assessment.


Member of the Month:                   Barb Youngberger

Barb received her diploma in nursing in 1971 from Genesee Hospital School of Nursing in Rochester New York.  At graduation time she joined the army as a diploma graduate, at which time she received the enlisted rank of Private First Class (PFC).  Upon completion of basic training she received her commission as a 2nd Lieutenant.  She spent 10 years as an active duty Army nurse.

In 1980 Barb transitioned to the US Army Reserves.  She subsequently retired from the US Army Reserves in 1998 as a Lieutenant Colonel  (LTC).  Barb was called back to active duty in 1991 and temporarily stationed at Fitzsimons Army Medical Center, Aurora Co.

In 1986 Barb received her BSN from Metro State here in Denver CO.

She worked at the VA beginning in ???1988?? and retired from the VA in 2005.

At that time her current “work” began when she started to volunteer at Project Cure.  Currently she is the lead volunteer in the equipment sort team, work 5 days a week, average of 6 hours a day pulling major OR equipment and readying it for shipment to 3rd world countries.

Barb’s charity of choice, no surprise to us all is Project Cure.


Committee Reports


Fall Workshop:

Speaker agenda reviewed and plug for support of workshop and need for volunteers.  Brochures passed out to membership and requested to be brought to hospitals to recruit attendees.

2015 workshop info presented:

                  Improving Patient Safety: The Team Makes the Difference

                  October 30, 2015 @ Lowery Conference Center


Opening session – David Wyatt – Transformational Leadership
AM Breakout –                       Troy Rackman —Legal  Challenges: Facts for the Periop Nurse

Dr. Kim Vanderveen – “When bad things happen”
PM Breakout –                       Cindy Thistel—Bug Explosion -Containing the bad bugs in the Periop setting

Team work & Collaboration between SPD & OR  Marina Stewart
Closing Session – Karen Fernandez – Joint Commission 2015 Are you ready?


Nominating:        Points form on line to apply for delegate designation for Anaheim 2016.

Work beginning on candidate slate for spring 2016 election of officers.


By Laws:                 No Report


Scholarship and Grants: Committee chairs Tammy Woolley & Rose Seavey

Applications accepted year round.


Awards:                  No Report, however Faith put in a plug to thing about nominating your peers at work who are chapter members.


Ways & Means:                   Golf Tournament June 6, 2016, request off now to support please & thanks.

Additionally Ellen is inquiring with a contact about possibility of reviving our extremely successful nursing note cards for Anaheim 2015 Expo.


Informatics / web site:   Faith reminded everyone of address


OR Nurses Day:                    upcoming dates at the Museum of Nature and Science Saturday October 10, 2015 & Saturday February 27, 2015.  She is in need donations of yellow isolation gowns and masks, preferably those with ear loops as opposed ones that need to be tied.


Hospital Captains:                               No Report

Board Report:    Jane Fulton-?? Our current secretary passed away since the last meeting.  Kathy Doughty sent flowers from the chapter to the service.  Lesia Hatlestad suggested that we should reimburse Kathy for the flower.

Motion was made by Karin Underberg to reimburse Kathy for the cost of the flowers, seconded by Rose Seavy, approved by members present.

Montion was made by Sharron Luhrs to donate $100 in memory of Jane to the AORN foundation, seconded by Marge Utz, approved by the quorum (members present).


Old Business:

  • Bill Lord Scholarship

Faith presented that the chapter has two major fund raisers, the Bill Lord Golf Tournament & the Fall Workshop.  She also presented that she had  researched and found in Treasures’ duties that 30% of Way & Means funds raised are to go into the Educational Grant Fund (Now contained within General Account) to fund member education/Congress (now Expo).  Bill Lord Scholarship not specifically addresses in by-laws.  A robust discussion of issues by numerous chapter members followed.

Motion was made by Tammy Woolley that the chapter Treasurer duties specify that 100% of the profits of the Bill Lord Golf Tournament be used for Nursing Scholarship.  The motion was seconded by Gerri Pessick, and unanimously approved by the quorum (members present).


New Business:

  • Delegate funding

Faith notified the chapter that at the November meeting her major agenda item would be to discuss the current funding practices for chapter delegates.  She presented the fact that if we fund our maximum number of delegates at historical rates the chapter will be approximately $6,000 in the hole.  Historical funding practices have the potential to bankrupt the chapter.


Hour of Adjournment: 7: 56pm


Minutes respectfully submitted

Karin Underberg, Vice President