Meeting Minutes – January 2016

DAORN Board Minutes

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Conference Call

Attendees:          see sign-in sheets

Meeting called to order by chapter President Faith Beazer @ 7:10 pm

Quorum Present: Yes

 Action on Previous Minutes:       Motion to approve November chapter meeting minutes, with correction to spelling of Geri Pesek’s name made by Tammy Woolley, seconded by Leisa Hatelstad.  Vote taken and minutes approved unanimously.

Balance in Treasury


Account/Category Amount Notes
Income $4,000 Net from Fall workshop
General Account $35,291.53
Bill Lord $1.930.85
Raffles $288.70
Total Balance $37,471.08


Attendance  & Quorum:                 23 member present, with 10 on the phone

Quorum is member present and minimum number of board members present, was met.


Good Catch:

Sharoon Luhrs told of a case posted to be a bilateral mastectomy with placement of bilateral implants, along with mediport removal.    On the consent the procedure for implants only listed one side and the mediport was not on the consent at all.  This error was caught by the circulating nurse before the patient was transported to the OR.


Member of the Month:                   Andine Gilmore

Ancine grew up in Germany and ever since my teenage years, I had a yearning to help and heal others. She didn’t pursue it, because my parents thought it would be wiser to pursue career dreams that did not involve nursing or conflict resolution studies. So I moved to Denmark and went to college for anthropology.

She pursued a master’s thesis project about the anatomical traveling exhibition BODY WORLDS, at the University of Denver and with a subsequent job offer. Subsequently she decided to stay in Colorado and work for that exhibition for a few years.


Eventually she left her museum exhibition job and went to nursing school at Metropolitan State University of Denver. During school, held a volunteer position in the ER at St. Joseph Hospital and later joined the volunteer team at Project Cure.  While in nursing school she got to witness a C-section during her OB rotation. The atmosphere in the OR was highly energizing, and she admired every person in the room for their hard work and incredible team spirit. Saving the high-risk mother and her baby was first priority and it was palpable. She knew in an instant that this was what she had envisioned a nursing career to be. So in September of 2013, she sought out and found the nursing organization that supports perioperative nurses: AORN, joining our local chapter.  Through DAORN, she met all of you sitting here today. Collectively the membership introduced Andine to OR nursing and encouraged her to join our ranks.

She graduated from MSUD with a BSN in May of 2014, and was offered a position as a new grad nurse at Lutheran Medical Center.  Intially she was offered a position in the Float pool at Lutheran. Evetually with the assistance of Leisa Hatelstad,  Andine was able to secure an OR nursing position in the Lutheran OR.

Direct from Andine “Because of you all, I was not afraid to choose this very specialized nursing path called perioperative nursing. DAORN inspires me to become a great OR nurse one day, once I grow out of my baby nurse shoes. I aspire to be as knowledgeable, as compassionate, as creative, as strong, and as patient as you all. Going to the annual national AORN conferences always affirms my new career choice, and having been a part of the OR at Lutheran for about four months now, I can say with joy that I haven’t regretted my choice for a single day. Being a perioperative nurse to me means living a synthesis of art and science. We create art by making a human connection within a few minutes of meeting our patients and we use the tools of science to heal our patients and keep them safe. DAORN is one of the vehicles that will help me stay informed to continue to practice this synthesis. Thank you.”


Andine’s charity of choice Project CURE.

Committee Reports


Fall Workshop:

$4,000 net profit, less than in years past potentially due to expenses higher this year and less vendor support.



Faith opened the discussion with nominations from the membership.  The following were either nominated by members or themselves.

Terry Russel,  Rose Seavy,  Peggy Camp, Ellen Lord, Maggie Bacca, Joan Blanchard, Karen Elliot, Eileen Frasher,

Mary Jo Siert offered to be a delegate if the chapter needed her to do so.

Andine Gilmore was nominated, but is ineligible since she was a delegate in 2015

Additionally the President Faith Beazer and President-elect Leisa Hatelstad are to go as delegates.

January meeting minutes to be posted on the chapter website ASAP to allow those not present or on the phone to nominate themselves or chapter members to be delegates.

Motion was made that all nominees to submit points sheets to Ellen Lord via E-mail by Tammy Woolley and seconded by Karin Underberg.  After discussion the motion was amended to include a submission deadline of not later than February 1, 2016.  The amended motion “to submit points sheets to Ellen Lord via E-mail not later than February 1, 2016” was made by Sharron Luhrs and seconded by Amanda Brown.  The motion was approved by the membership present & on the phone.


By Laws:                 No Report


Scholarship and Grants:

Tammy reminded the group that members can apply for a grant from the committee in the amount of the group registration cost if not going as a delegate to Expo 2016.



Mary Jo encouraged the membership to nominate peers within the chapter for the Chapter awards for Education, Clinical & Leadership.  Submissions are due by April 30, 2016.

Additionally the chapter submitted Barb Youngberg for the national Volunteer award and Ellen Lord for the national Mentorship award.  Mary Jo received confirmation that both award submissions were received at national.


Ways & Means:

Ellen announced that she submitted a request for a chapter fundraising table at Expo 2016, which was accepted.


Informatics / web site:   No Report


OR Nurses Day: 

The last date to support the chapter’s OR Nursing at the Museum of Nature and Science Saturday February 27, 2015.  Sharon is in need of volunteers to attend the event and donations of yellow isolation gowns and masks, preferably those with ear loops as opposed ones that need to be tied.


Hospital Captains:

Next meeting is February 6, 2016 at Lutheran

April’s meeting is at University of Colorado.


Board Report:    No report


Old Business:     

  • Interdisciplinary Workshop

The flyer has been posted on the chapter website and Karin has brought flyers for members to bring back to their facilities.  The program is on Thursday February 18, 2016, and will be held at the Donor Alliance Center, 8175 E 1st Ave, Denver, CO 80230.


New Business:

  • Basket for 2016 Expo for Foundation silent auction

Tammy indicated typically the chapter donation is worth approximately $200.  Suggestions from the membership were gift cards and fitbit, to recognized Colorado’s fitness culture and younger members.  A motion was made by Leisa Hatelstad, seconded by Karin Underberg to donate two Fitbit devices to the silent foundation auction.  The motion was approved by the membership.


Hour of Adjournment: 7: 55 pm


Minutes respectfully submitted

Karin Underberg, Vice President