Meeting Minutes – November 2015

DAORN Minutes

Chapter Meeting

November 14, 2015 Children’s Hospital

Attendees: See Sign In Sheets.  Call in members: Michelle Jaskunas, Eileen Frasier

Guests: Todd Reynolds of Halyard Health

Mike Wendell-Cryolife-Thank you for providing breakfast

Quorum Present: Yes, as determined by the bylaws as being members in attendance

Action of Previous Minutes: Motion to approve by Hatlestad and seconded by Pezek

Good Catch Sharing:  1-Andine Gilmore –Sterile water placed in warmer as directed by another staff member in preparation for a potential MH patient.  Bag grabbed by anesthesia and administered.  Discussion from group related to mixing of Dantrolene.  Patient was okay. 2-Code simulation with Karin Underberg using an intraosseous needle with a spacer-unscrewed top , accidently removing needle.

Member of the Month:  Cathy Andrews was selected to be highlighted.


I graduated from Buffalo General School of Nursing in 1973. I went right into surgery in a class of six at Buffalo General Hospital. I stayed there for two years, then came out to Co. in 1975. I wasn’t ready to stay at time and went back to Buffalo. I worked at small hospital in OR until 1977, when Blizzard hit. My friend and I moved out to Denver in spring of 1977 and have been here ever since.

I worked at Presbyterian-St. Luke’s when it was just Presbyterian. Went to Mercy Hospital, then moved to St. Anthony’s in April, 1979 and have been there ever since.

I started as staff nurse, scrubbing, circulating and doing eye surgery. In 1986, I got my CNOR certification, so I could become Clinical RN II in charge of Vascular, General, Trauma, Laser, Laparoscopic and Gyn.  At this time, our supervisor quit and  I became in

charge of daily running of the OR. I did this for two years. In 1988, I did General, Trauma, Gyn. , Laser,  and Laparoscopic surgery. It was the beginning of Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy, appendectomy.

I also helped develop Robot Program.

When we came to new hospital (2011), I was asked to take over ENT surgery and give up Vascular. I now do ENT, Robot, General and Trauma services.

I am now back in charge of daily running of OR as our Manager has been moved to another position.

I joined DAORN in 1984. I enjoy the fellowship of other members. I also like the networking among members. It has helped me further my education and kept up with technology of the time. I have been on nominating committee, Board member and President of chapter. I have been Chair of Education, Membership, Awards ( won Gold and Silver awards for National with help of committee members.) and Scholarship. I am Chair of Hospital Captains and continue to be active member of Chapter. I have helped at many of the Golf Tournaments and many Education Seminars.

In my spare time, I spend with family. I travel with husband. I also spend time with children and grandchildren. I, also, watch my youngest Grandchild, every chance I get.

I also enjoy walking, reading, spending time with friends and going to sporting events.

Thank you so much for thinking of me for this honor. I have given and got so much from being in our DAORN Chapter.


Balance in Treasury:

General Fund $30,563.80
Bill Lord $1,925.85
Raffel $278.70
Total $32,763.35


Business Transactions:  State Motion-Adopted or Defeated

Committee Reports:

Board: No Report

Fall Workshop: Peggy Camp-20 plus vendors attended and 51 attendees.  Peggy stressed this is our major fundraiser to support delegates and we really need to have better support.

Nominating: A meeting will be held after this meeting.

Membership: 2 guests and 30 members attending

Legislative: No report

Scholarships: No report

Awards: Mary Jo Steiert indicates finalizing national applications for volunteer-Barb Youngberg, Mentorship-Ellen Lord.  She also encouraged the members to consider nominations for local chapter awards.

Ways and Means: No report.  June 6th is the date of the 2016 golf tournament.   All proceeds to go to nursing scholarship

Informatics: Website updates.  There was a question if all members received the most recent minutes.

OR Nurse Week: Per Sharon Luers, October Day at the museum was successful

Hospital Captains: No report

New Business:

Raffle:  Items donated for the raffle were jackets, banana bag, candle, Chicken Soup for the Soul book, and a tea set.

Discussion occurred related to the proceeds of the raffle account to go to use for delegates and education grants.  Further discussion related to the expense of maintain the raffle account at $120.00/year and could this be just a line item in the general account.  The state requires this to be a separate account.

Old Business:   Karin Underberg is representing the chapter for the Collaborative Workshop and possible dates being considered are February 13 or April 20th.   Location will be at Donor Alliance. Topics being considered in the form of Ted Talks are pain, infection prevention, health care reform, impact of loss of knowledge or patient safety due to the aging nursing population, poison center, marijuana, trust, fatigue, and compassion fatigue.

Correspondance:  Junge Family for the flowers, AORN Foundation for the Junge donation, Barb Young berg for the donation on her behalf

Hour of Adjournment:  ?????

Signature of Secretary: Respectfully submitted, Lesia Hatlestad, President-elect