President’s Message – April 2016

President’s message

April 2016

As I am attending the AORN Surgical Conference and EXPO in Anaheim this year, I am once again reminded of how valuable AORN is to perioperative nursing practice.  I feel fortunate for all they do to support nursing and assure the safety of our patients.  I am also reminded how important it is to be involved, because it is the involvement of the members that makes AORN the great association that it is.  It is always exciting to see the first time attendees and think back to how exciting my first AORN Congress was (so many years ago), and I hope they feel the way I did.  The conference continues to revive my spirit and reminds me why I love being a perioperative nurse.  If you have never attended the AORN Surgical Conference and EXPO you should certainly consider attending next year in Boston.  🙂

I would like to thank Lutheran Hospital and Lesia Hatlestad for sponsoring our February DAORN.   Our next DAORN meeting will be April 14th at University Hospital, dinner / social hour starts at 5:45.

One of our last major tasks as a chapter this year is to choose our leaders for 2016-2017.   Volunteering as a chapter leader is a wonderful way to give back, and continue to make our chapter great.   I would love to see the ballot full of names.  The available positions are listed below; The job descriptions on on the website for you to reference.  There are varying levels of time commitments and eligibility requirements, but I’m confident there’s a spot for anyone who is looking for an opportunity to hone those leadership skills.  If you are interested in running for office, please contact Ellen Lord, Nominating Committee chair, at for more information. You will need to submit a willingness to serve form and a biographical sheet (available on our website at There are also plenty of committee spots available for next year as well; look for those sign-up sheets during the April meeting.

Open positions for DAORN chapter:

President-Elect (serves as president 2017-2018)

Vice President (two year term; 2016-2018)

Secretary (two year term; 2016-2018)

Board of directors: (two people to serve, 2016-2018)

Nominating committee: (three people to serve, 2016-2018). Also need a current member to serve as chair for next year.

We are still in need of locations for the DAORN chapter meetings for the 2016-2017 year.  Months still available are September, October, November and May.  Please contact Lesia or myself if you are interesting in sponsoring a chapter meeting at your hospital.

I’m looking forward to seeing all of you at the April meeting.

Faith Beazer, DAORN President