Meeting Minutes – April 2016


DAORN Chapter Minutes

Thursday, April 14, 2016


Attendees:          see sign-in sheets

Meeting called to order by chapter President Faith Beazer @ 7:11 pm

Quorum Present: Yes

 Action on Previous Minutes:       None

Balance in Treasury


Account/Category Amount Notes
Income 650.95  
Expenses 2,854.86 Delegate expenses
General Account 30,414.27  
Bill Lord 1,870.85  
Raffles 0 closed
Total Balance $32,285.15  


Attendance  & Quorum:                 39 member present, with 1 on the phone

Quorum is member present and minimum number of board members present, was met.


                  Thanks to University for sponsoring the meeting.

Committee volunteer lists circulated, contact Lesia/Faith if you want to join one & weren’t present.

Still need host facilities for September 2016& November 2016meetings.  September 2016 & April 2017 will be Saturday meetings

Good Catch:

Cathy Clark told of a patient who was on the OR bed beginning the induction process when it was noticed that the patient has a purple band on the wrist.  Staff wondered what a purple band meant.  It turned out to be DNR.  This should have been figured out before coming into the OR room.

Cathy further told of an event at previous employer where there had been a patient who had verbally stated she was a DNR, but had nothing in writing.  The patient’s heart stopped during surgery, and was permitted to die.


Member of the Month:                   Peggy Camp

Faith started by telling the members she has asked each member we have highlighted the same four questions.  She then went on to share Peggy’s answers with the membership.

Why you became a nurse? I initially wanted to be a doctor —there were 7 children in the family and going to Medical School was not an option —several of my High School classmates were going to Nursing School and I hopped aboard

What you love about being a nurse. I love the opportunities that nursing has offered me both personally and professionally. I have always worked in the Operating Room —was hired at Glens Falls Hospital as a staff nurse when I graduated —those were tough days —proving to the “seasoned” OR nurses that new grads could make the grade —those were the days of working up the ladder —if you could master powdering gloves, wrapping trays and “flash sterilizing”, you would get a chance to be in the OR —we were expected to both scrub and circulate and be competent at both.

Why you joined AORN and continue to be a member. I did not join AORN initially as the closest chapter was 50 miles away. I really got involved with AORN when I moved to Denver. I continue to be a member of AORN/DAORN because I believe as professionals, we need to be engaged and support the association at both the local and national level. AORN has offered me numerous opportunities to grow professionally both locally and nationally. t has provided me with many resources in teaching the Periop 101 course.

DAORN has likewise offered me professional and personal growth opportunities —more importantly, it has brought me together with my OR colleagues who have continued to support and encourage me over these many yeas (most recently during my medical issues).  I am so grateful to DAORN for always being there when I needed it the MOST. Thank You !

About yourself – I will be married 54 years in November —my husband and I have been together since 1956. We are the proud parents of 3 daughters and 8 grandkids (5 boys and 3 girls). We love to travel and aside from family visits (Indiana, Maryland and Oregon), we are “cruisers” —we have been on 13 cruises —latest was to Alaska in August. Mostly I love to work especially when it involves Perioperative nursing and how I can contribute to this fantastic profession.


2016-17 Ballot discussion:

                  Faith thanked the members who volunteered to run for office for 2016-17 ballot.

Ellen Lord Chair of Nominating Committee announced the current ballot slate.  Before presenting ballot information she commented how many chapters are in jeopardy due to lack of participation.  She went on to say some chapters have had to disband due to lack of member support and lack of volunteers to be chapter officers.


Nominating Mickie Parsons
Board Rose Seavey

Karen Elliot

Mike Burke (Vendor)

Secretary Cathy Andrews
Vice President Julie Mower
President Elect Mary Jo Stiert


Motion was made by Karin Underberg and seconded by Maggie Bacca that in lieu of a mail ballot because there were only enough volunteers to fill openings that the ballot is voted on at this meeting.  Motion unanimously approved.  Ballot unanimously approved.


Faith pointed out that the current bylaws state 5 members on the nominating committee.  She further proposed recommending decreasing the requirement to 3 members.  The mater was referred to the bylaws committee to investigate/ resolve.


Committee Reports


Fall Workshop:

No Report



See previous discussion related to 2016-17 ballot.


Delegate Report:

                  Lesia reported national bylaws changes made at business meeting at Expo 2016.  She further reported that there was an active panel discussion presented by younger members surrounding their desire to be involved with AORN.  There was a discussion at the business meeting to have a minimum requirement of a BSN for officers at a national level.  A motion was proposed that CNOR be a minimum requirement for officers at a national level.

Faith reported that Expo attendance had increase to the most it’s been since 2008, specifically there were 1,250 1st time attendees.  Additionally there more vendors than there had been since 2009.


By Laws:                 No Report


Scholarship and Grants:

No Report



Mary Jo encouraged the membership to nominate peers within the chapter for the Chapter awards for Education, Clinical & Leadership.  Submissions are due by April 30, 2016.

Ellen Lord was the recipient of the National Award for Membership


Ways & Means:

Ellen Lord thanked all who helped out at the fund raising table at Expo 2016.


Golf tournament will be Jun6, 2016 at the Ranch.  Donations were requested for golfer bags, useful items include chaptsick, water and hand wipes.  Silent auction donations were requested by Gerry Hopkins and may be brought to the next meeting.


Informatics / web site:   No Report


OR Nurses Day: 

Sharon Luhrs thanked all who had participated in the multiple events at the Museum of Nature and Science.  She reported that there were 650 parents and kids that had participated in the various events.


Hospital Captains:

No report


Board Report:    No report



Report was presented by Mickie Parsons and Kim Cesar.  Report included a handout on how a bill becomes a law.  Kim reported on CNA Legislative Dinner



SB16 – 118  Sponsors: Newell/Singer  Concerning a screening questionnaire to identify children impacted by prenatal substance exposure.  Sent to Committee on State , veterans & Military Affairs – postponed Indefinitely.

SB16-146  Sponsors:  Steadman/Esgar  Concerning modernizing statutes related to sexually transmitted infections.  Assigned to Judiciary

SB16-158  Sponsors:  Lundberg/Primavera  Concerning the ability of a physician assistant to perform functions delegated by a physician that are within the physician assistant’s scope of practice.  Passed Senate; introduced into House;  Assigned to Public health care & Human Services.

SB16-027  Sponsors:  Martinez Humenik/Primavera   Concerning allowing the option for Medicaid clients to obtain prescribed drugs through the mail. (chronic medical conditions)

Passed Senate; introduced into House; Assigned to Committee on health, insurance & Environment refer amended to Appropriations.

SB16-069 Sponsors:  Garcia/Pabon  Concerning measures to provide community-based out-of-hospital medical services (endorsement of emergency medical service providers as community paramedics)  Senate committee on Finance refer amended to Appropriations



HB16-1401  Sponsors:  Becker K/Woods  Concerning the  regulation of retail food establishments (standardize inspection process and related penalties/fines for non-compliance and /or closure due to imminent health hazard.  Passed third reading

HB16-1305 Sponsors:  Fields/Newell  Concerning training for educators in school district procedures for assisting students in crisis.  Assigned to Education.

HB16-1385  Sponsors:  Singer/Newell  Concerning the definition of child abuse or neglect in Colorado Children’s Code as it relates to the use of or exposure to substances. (clarifies language).  Assigned to Public Health Care & Human Services.

HB-16-1047  Sponsors:  Buck/Newell  Concerning the adoption of an interstate compact to allow physicians to become licensed in multiple states through an expedited licensure process.

House Committee on Appropriations refers amended to House Committee of the Whole.


Old Business:     

  • Interdisciplinary Workshop

Karin Underberg reported that the workshop was well received and quite successful.  There were close to 100 participants.  Net proceeds after expensed estimated at $1,500 will be used as seed money for next year’s event.  The planning committee has established a planning time line for the 2017 event.  Karin will remain involved with the event as DAORN’s chapter representative.


New Business:

  • Industry support of Chapter Meetings

Peggy Camp brought up how it is becoming more and more difficult for industry to support chapter meetings with food for the membership.  Due to regulations vendors need to do some sort of in-service to provide this support.  As a result we may see more vendor in-service tables at future meetings.  The membership was supportive of this option.


Hour of Adjournment: 8: 12pm


Minutes respectfully submitted

Karin Underberg, Vice President