Meeting Minutes – January 2017

Chapter Meeting – St. Anthony’s

Date: January 12, 2017

Called to order at 1919

Education session was first

Attendees:  See membership sheet

Quorum Present:  As above

“Hot Topic ” first – What does your hospital do for maintaining Normothermia? Many members voiced their practices!

Leisa thanked St. Anthony’s for hosting and providing dinner. Also, thanked 3M representative Patty for providing Education and Dinner.

Correspondence: New accountability requirements. Leisa submitted them and we are in compliance.  DAORN is  5 star Chapter by meeting the criteria. 2017 changes include funding for nursing students,wealready meet this requirement.

Action of Previous Minutes: Seconded and approved as written.

Balance in Treasury: Total: $33,943.82, General account: $32,718.97, Bill lord Scholarship: $1,224.85.

Business Transactions: Discussion on what to give delegates for Expo. Two scenerios were presented , either to pay for five nights or six nights stay Scenerio B for six nights was chosen. The amount is $1270.40. Approval of delegates as presented: Cathy Andrews, Joan Blanchard, Peggy Camp, Sandy Lindahl, Andine Gilmore, Rose Seavey, Kathy Doughtery with Mary Jo Stiert being chair as she is president-Elect. Several other members are going and will act act as delegates- Karen Elliot, Eileen Frasier and Sharon Luhr. Every member can be delegate.

Awards: Nothing

Bylaws: Nothing

Fall workshop: Was moved to April 21 at Lowry. Vivian Watson, Rose Seavey and Karen Underberg will still present. Leisa is checking with other speakers. Caterer will be same.

Finance: nothing

Facility Ambassadors: nothing

Informatics: Web site is still available. Faith will update nominating form and other forms. Faith showed members how to navigate site

Legislative: Mickie said this was short session- there are over a 100 bills. hickenlooper is working on keeping Affordable Care Act

Membership: 403 members  27present, 1 guest and mickie Parsons on phone

OR Nurse Day: Sharon said we would do Museum on Feb.25  8-2 pm . need volunteers. Sent list around.

Scholarship And Grants: Eileen Frasier put one in for Expo- approved!

Ways and Means: Golf Tournament – June 12- there will be modest increase in prices. will have save date card at workshop.

Nominating Committee: Andine presented Ballot for officers: Pesident-Elect- Peggy Camp, Treasurer – Faith Beazer, Board- Sandy Lindahl and Tammy Woolley, Nominating – Kathy Doughtery and Kristin Mooney. It was presented to membership to approve Ballot as read. it was accepted.

New Business: Karen Underberg talked about Collaberative workshop to be held Feb. 16 at Fairmont Cemetary Events Center. $ 70.00 for 6 CEUS and lunch.

Next Meeting: At Children’s, Feb. 9

Hour of Adjounment: meeting adjourned at 2010.

Signature of Secretary: minutes respectfully submitted by Catherine Andrews