Meeting Minutes – September 2017

DAORN Chapter Minutes

September 14, 2017 at Children’s Hospital

Meeting brought to order at 1844

Food sponsored by Medtronic

Attendees:  See membership list

Quorum Present:  Yes

Action of Previous Minutes:  Held to November’s meeting

Balance in Treasury: $34,868.88 – General Account,   Bill Lord Account: $164.85 Total – $35,033.73

Bill Lord Scholarship Golf Tournament

Total income – $12,204.87

Expenses – $5,774.14

Net Profit – $6,430.73

Outstanding Assets –  Vendor checks from Bill Lord Scholarship Golf Tournament – $900 to be deposited ( included in income from Golf Tournament)

Total Balance All Accounts:  $35, 033.73

Announcements:   Karen Underburg_ Collaborative Workshop to be held  Thurs. Feb. 15th at Arvada Center – may be happy hour after meeting. Theme- did you know/ Staying ahead of curve There are nine different nursing organizations involved.  Topics to include Cases- malpractice, Marriage and therapy, Trauma informed care, ethics speaker and Nurse Practice act.

Board Report:  Karen Elliot reported that AORN members do not have to pay for Journal CEU’s  anymore. Members can take selfies, and send to instagram – may win  Expo registration.

Continue with goals : Mentoring, increase involvement and support  Nursing Students.

Continue Hot topic, mentoring and good catches at monthly meetings.

Social Activity  to be held Oct. 12 (Octoberfest) instead of regular meeting. CCI to sponsor it. To be held 530 to 8pm. at  Tony P’s at 17th and Clarkson after discussion and vote from chapter on where to have it. Two drink limit and appetizers. Rose and Cathy to do decorations. Will e-mail to Hospital Captains.

Board discussed new ideas to increase participation – maybe something in spring -maybe barbecue, Casino night, any ideas call or e-mail to Board. Should there be another Golf Tournament? Less golfers this year and participation.

Workshop to be held in spring – no date yet! Julie and Leisa to chair.

Committee Reports:

Awards:  Cathy described what is involved in being on committee.

Bylaws: Karen asked for help – committee keeps bylaws current and update revisions and bring to chapter for approval.

Fall workshop:  no date yet, Julie and Leisa to be co-chairs.

Finance: No report

Facility Ambassadors:  none

Informatics: Faith -none

Legislative: Kim will put on website. not in session at this time. 1. Facility  can revoke license  – person has 30 days to update license. 2. Fingerprint medical professional every 2 years did not pass.

Membership: Andine said 30 members were present, no guests.  500 members in DAORN Chapter

OR Nurse Day: Oct. 14th Nurse day Museum. Passed Volunteer sheet around for Sharon

Scholarship And Grants: Rose mentioned we have money and for people to apply! Does not have to an AORN seminar.

Ways and Means: See Golf Tournament report under Treasury report.

Nominating: Mickie – none -will be working on Delegate list!

Old Business – none

New Business: Mary Jo told members, what a great Chapter we have and that

  1. We were 5 gold star chapter – last year
  2. Met 100 percent accountability

3.Made Golf Tournament a success – 5 scholarships awarded- $1,000 to each person.

She also said we need to engage younger members, continue to grow and that change is consistent.

Also discussed – how to get schedule of meetings to members. Post cards to expensive, e-mails are not always right. Look at DAORN website- Faith said all places were not confirmed, that is why list of places and dates were not posted. Andine will try to help with e-mail as she gets updated list for membership.

Hour of Adjournment: 1935

Signature of Secretary,

Respectfully submitted by Catherine Andrews RN, CNor