Meeting Minutes – February 2018

DAORN Chapter Minutes

February 8, 2018 at Lutheran Medical Center

Called to Order @ 7:18 pm

Mary Jo thanked Lutheran Medical Center and 3M for providing place and dinner.

Attendees: See Member sheets

Quorum Present: Yes

Action of previous minutes: Approved as read


Balance in Treasury:   $20,730.27 General Account,

$1,2014.85 Bill Lord Scholarship,

$32,745.12 Total Balance all accounts

Board Report:   Will send Karen Elliot to Chapter Leadership Conference at Surgical Expo. BoardBoard voted to do brick for Lesia’s Mom at Headquarters.

Awards:                  No report.

Bylaws:                   No report.

Education:            Next meeting at Medical Center of Aurora. Karen Underberg reminded us about                                          the Interdisciplinary Collaboration for the Improvement of Patient Outcomes Annual Conference, February 15th at The Arvada Center. Julie Mower handed  out flyers for the DAORN Spring workshop, Crossing the Quality Chasm: Taking  the Leap, April 20th at Lowry Conference Center.

Finance:                 No report.

Facility Ambassadors:  No report

Informatics:         Andine Gilmore will chair the committee.

Legislative:          Enhanced Nurses license was signed January 18th. If you have a license from                                         another state you can be grandfathered in. New bill asking Community  Colleges to offer a BS in Nursing.

Membership:        512 DAORN members

OR Nurse Day:    Nurse day at the Museum canceled. The museum changed the date at the last                                         minute to this weekend. We will defer till October.

Scholarship/Grants:    No applications. Application is on line and can be used for things like the                                        Collaboration conference, DAORN workshop, Expo. Etc.

Ways and Means:   We will have a table at Expo to sell the jewelry, cards potato bags etc.                                                      Delegates please volunteer to help.   Golf tournament will have an auctioneer.                                       There will be a live and silent auction. You will be able to bid online also. Invites                                                 will be sent to all past players. Hoping to get 100 players.

Fall Workshop:   Friday April 20th at Lowry Conference Center. Keynote speaker is Patricia (Trish)                                                 Seifert. A link to the brochure is on the DAORN website at

Nominating:   Two applications have been received for President-Elect (Susan Younger and                                          Karen Elliot), one for secretary (Julie Mower), three for Board (Andine Gilmore, Ellen Lord and Darla Gress) One for Nominating (Tony Comings). Let Kathy Daughty know if you are interested in running. Willingness to Serve form and Duties of each position is on the DAORN website. Voting will be open from March 1 to April 1st.

New Business:  DAORN will purchase a brick at Head Quarters for Lesia Hatlestad’s mother                                           (Doris Ashley Field) who passed away last month. Doris was one of us – a lifelong perioperative nurse and active member of AORN.

Mary JO discussed having the May meeting be a celebratory one to install new  officers with dinner at a nice restaurant. It will also be a celebration for Kathy Halverson as she won National Award for Excellence. There was discussion around cost and attendance. Heather Debrio and Sandy Lindahl will look into                                               options for May meeting with a range of costs. May do a survey monkey to ask all DAORN members if they would go.

Looking to bring laptops to March meeting to encourage on site voting for  National officers. Please come prepared to discuss AORN business that will be covered at Expo. See your AORN Journal for Expo business agenda.

Hour of Adjournment:  7:59 pm

Signature of Secretary:   Rose Seavey taking minutes for Cathy Andrews