Meeting Minutes – March 2018

DAORN Minutes

Meeting called to order at: 1850

March 8, 2018 at Medical Center of Aurora

Mary Jo thanked Facility and sales representatives for dinner

Attendees: See membership sheet

Quorum Present: As above

Action of Previous Minutes: Approved as written.

Balance in Treasury: General Account: $21,990.87

                                              Bill Lord Account: $1,004.85

                                             Total: $22,995.72

Taxes submitted on time.

Board Report: Still working on May meeting

Committee Reports:

Awards: Cathy – please submit Award applications for Chapter by April 26, 2018.

Bylaws: Karen will get changes on line to review (DAORN website).

Spring Workshop: Lesia very disappointed, only 6 applications so far. She mentioned we have National Speakers and a lot of work has gone into this! Please talk it up at your Facilities. If not enough registrations, may have to cancel Workshop! Will let us know next meeting! Lesia will check on vendors to see hoe many signed up.

Education: Peggy asked Mary Jo if she has speaker or food arranged. Working on it.

Finance: no report

Facility Ambassadors: No report

Informatics: No report

Legislative: Kim reported on new Bill for Community Colleges to offer a BS in nursing. It has passed and is up to school to do this. Does need to be signed by Governor.

Membership: 34 members present. We have 571 members in chapter.

OR Nurse Day: Sharon said she had miscommunication with Museum Liasion. Will do in fall.

Scholarship and Grants: Rose has none.

Ways and Means: Remember Golf tournament is June 11 at Ranch. Registration forms on website.  Gerry accepting items for Silent Auction.

Nominating: Kathy Doughty  read Slate for Chapter officers: President Elect- Karen Elliot, Susan younger dropped out after consideration. Secretary- Julie Mower, Board Members- Andine Gilmore, Ellen Lord and Darla Gleason Gress as Board Member Mentee. This was decided after discussion and vote. We need younger members on Board to continue on for future. This will be a trial pilot.. Nominating Committee – Toni Cummings. Slate was presented and voted on by members at meeting. Congratulations to all who ran and accepted positions.

Old Business: Peggy is leader of Delegates at Expo. She sent around list for Delegates to sign up, for contact information. Mary Jo Asked for National, that they need help for Volunteers on floor. To help with demonstrations. Vendors will also have a lot of education available on Exhibit floor. Denver Chapter will have sales table at Congress. If you are going, please sign up to help!

New Business: Danielle Glover, our Lobbyist from National AORN was present. She discussed RN circulator status. Thirty-five States have RN as Circulator in their State law.  AORN promotes RN Circulator, Workplace safety initiatives, Professional Practice, RN First Assistant, RN safety culture and Health System Improvements. She was here tonight to discuss Smoke Evacuation in OR. Rhode Island is the first to get law in legislation. We are working on this here in Colorado. She asked for Volunteers to help to get it out to Legislation. Will be meeting sometime next week. Will send out information! There is no Federal Standard.

Peggy mentioned that Health One will have review course for PACU Nurses. Denver Health will have CNOR review class Nov. 8 and 9th. Kathy will get on DAORN website.

Spring Dinner:  Gerry Hopkins got information from 240 Union. Three price ranges: $32 – $40.80 with taxes and gratuity, $37- $47.18 as above. $45- 57.37 as above.  This is without drinks!

Sandy Did research, Second Home Kitchen is closed, no response from YA YA’s, Washington Grill is $750. minimum,  IL Fornaio is $650 minimum. Chapter will pay for Katherine Halverson’s dinner. She is award winner for National Award for Excellence. After much discussion with members, it was voted on to go to 240 Union on May 10th , 6pm for  dinner .Mary Jo said maybe we could give discounts to those who sign up for Spring Workshop. Just a thought.

Hour of Adjournment: 1952.