Meeting Minutes – April 2018

DAORN Chapter Minutes

April 14, 2018 Lowry Surgical Center

Meeting brought to order at 0945 AM

Attendees: See membership sheet

Quorum Present: As above

Action of Previous Minutes: Approved as written

Balance in Treasury: General Account- $21,184.56  $5,000 will be going into Bill Lord Account.

Bill Lord Account- $994.85  Total – $22,179.41

Board Report: none

Committee Reports:

Awards:  Cathy brought applications – Deadline April 26.  To be given out at May Dinner

Bylaws: Karen Elliot reviewing bylaws and Duties for Board members to be updated.

Education:  Peggy gave update on Spring Workshop. We have about 50 registrations and 10 companies attending. April 20th. Final meeting of committee on April 17. Ellen will bring articles to sell from expo.

Finance: None

Facility Ambassadors: None

Informatics: Andine updated website

Legislative: Julie Mower told Chapter Governor Hickenlooper approved legislation for Community Colleges to have BS Nursing program. Julie wrote letter to get OR nursing into curriculum to colleges.  She got response and sent syllabus for them to look at.

Nominating: None

Membership: We have 603 members in Chapter, only 19 present with 2 guests. New members at meeting offered some suggestions to get more members to come.  They want Education – wanted workshop on Saturday, we mentioned could not get members to come and cancelled workshop last year. They also said maybe more advertising meetings would help. From tenured members said we need to get Periop students to come, Target OR Directors to get Nurses to come. Send as member to go to Hospitals and do presentation, talking about benefits of organization. Will do meeting at Headquarters.

OR Nurses Day: None

Scholarships: None

Ways and Means: Ellen talked about golf Tournament. Gerry is getting Auction articles as well as Ellen.  PAYPAL is setup to pay for registration Auction will be online- one week before Tournament. Ellen mentioned Foundation made $50,000 on their Auction. Please donate, June 11th is Tournament. Bring to May dinner. Website DAORNBLord

Old Business: None

New Business: Karen Elliot talked about Leadership Conference at Expo. They suggested happy hour to get new members and they would pay $125 towards it.  Other examples they said were bowling, dinner and Sat. Meetings. Fun events, picnic do a run or participate in one  We have done some of these things! We will try to get first meeting next year at headquarters.

Peggy gave report from Expo.  She mentioned delegates need to to volunteer and help at  workshop and/or golf Tournament.  Said qualification for being National officer DO NOT need CNOR. Part of annual membership – money goes back to chapter -when people do lifetime membership – get this only once. Chapter sales at Expo were not as good. not put sales tables in appropriate location. Ellen, Karen Leisa, Kathy, Peggy, Mary Jo helped at table. Kathy Clark said to be first time attendee at Expo was overwhelming, even when going to first time attendee session. Sharon L. said we need to setup buddy system for next year. Also, do a meet and greet there.

Mary Jo said we got a four star rating for Chapter accountability report. We were downgraded because of lack of Delegates at Expo.

Katherine Halverson will not be able to make May Dinner to honor her for her National Award. Mary  Jo will donate $100. towards wine for May dinner. If anyone else wants to donate that would be nice.

Mentoring moment: None

Hour of Adjournment:  1026

Signature of Secretary: Respectfully submitted by Catherine Andrews, RN, CNOR