Meeting Minutes – October 2018

Date:   Oct. 11, 2018                                               HOST FACILITY:  St. Joseph’s

Meeting called to order by Peggy Camp at 1913.

Thank you to sponsors: DAORN President acknowledged Eren Tuzman and Medtronic for dinner and Kim Caesar and St. Joseph’s for their work in hosting the meeting.

Attendance/Guests:  Quorum established.  There were 24 members present and no guests.

Approval of September 2018 meeting minutes: Written as approved.

Treasurer’s report:


Checking/Savings Accounts:

General Account         $ 34,124.45; $11,000 to be moved to scholarship


Board Reports:

Committee Reports (Committee chairs or designees)

  • Nominating (Kathy Doughty): Delegate tally sheet were distributed at the meeting. Please return to Kathy by the November meeting at Denver Health. Kathy will ask Andine to post the form on the DAORN website. 12 points are needed to serve as a delegate to Surgical Conference and Expo in Nashville 2019. Members who did not attend Expo last year will be given priority.
  • By Laws (Karen Elliott): Bylaws have been reviewed and no changes are needed at this time. Bylaws have been available for review on DAORN website. Bylaws were approved as written.
  • Education (Sandi Lindahl; Peggy Camp reported):Speakers have been finalized for the rest of the year.
  • Finance (Faith Beazer):The Finance committee will have a discussion on moving the chapter to 503B status in November.
  • Ways and Means ():
  • Hospital Captains (Lesia Hatlestad): Lesia will be given names of hospital captains and will reach out to them to support attending meetings and encouraging staff to join. Captains currently include:

Lutheran: Adrienne Snyder

St. Joseph: Kim Caesar

Children’s: Tammy Woolley

University: Sharon Luhrs

Rose: Eileen Fraser

Kaiser Ambulatory: Karen Elliott

HCA ASC: Mary Jo Steiert

Boulder Community: Joan Blanchard

Avista Surgery Center: Jenelle Bartels

Captains are expected to print out the meeting schedule for the year and post for staff.

  • Gift Give-Away (Gerry Hopkins): All proceeds will go to Project Cure.
  • Spring Workshop (Co-Chairs Lesia Hatlestad and Julie Mower):The Spring Workshop will be held April 26, 2019 at the Lowry Conference Center. Co-Chairs will organize a mass mailing to go out to all members for save the date. Michael Burke has again agreed to be our vendor liaison. Julie passed around a sheet for recommendations for surgeons, anesthesia care providers, periop nurses, PACU nurses, and AMA nurses to serve on a discussion panel for civility in the workplace.


Near miss/good catch:Karen Underberg shared an example of equipment set on simulation mode that was being used for an actual case.

New business:

Collaboration workshop will be Feb. 21, 2019. 8 different specialty nursing organizations are involved.

Next meeting: November 10th, 0800, Denver Health. Speaker on LGBT gender re-assignment.

Meeting adjourned at 1948.


Respectfully submitted,

Julie Mower, Secretary