Meeting Minutes – January 2019


Date:   1/10/19                                               HOST FACILITY:  Lutheran

Meeting called to order by Peggy Camp at 1846.

Thank you to sponsors:DAORN President acknowledged Lutheran for hosting the meeting and Baxter/Ryan for sponsoring the Dinner and Education.

Attendance/Guests:  Quorum established.  

Approval of November 2018 meeting minutes: Approved as written.

Treasurer’s report:  

Treasurer’s report as of January 10, 2019


                        Checking/Savings Accounts:

                        General Account         $ 36,459.34

                        Bill Lord                       $ 1,170.40  

                        TOTAL ASSETS                     $ 37,629.74

Committee Reports (Committee chairs or designees)

Nominating (K. Doughty, Chair): The Delegates for Nashville AORN Expo are:

1. Erika Zamora
2. Darla Gress 
3. Lesia Hatlestad
4. Joan Blanchard
5. Mary Jo Steiert
6. Ellen Lord
7. Kristy Mooney
8. Andine Gilmore
9. Terry Russell
10. Peggy Camp
11. Kathy Doughty

Awards (C. Andrews, Chair):Lesia Hatlestad was presented with the Chapter Award for Excellence in Leadership.

Education (S. Lindahl, Chair):Collaborative workshop will be held Feb. 21 at Baldoria on the Water, Lakewood. Topics include opioid crisis and Type II diabetes. Cost of registration is $75.   Information and registration may be found at

Ways and Means (Chair):A casino night will replace the golf tournament, which has experienced declining player registration for several years. Casino night will be held Sept. 21, 2019 at the Ranch Country Club. There will be both live and silent auctions. The planning committee will convene beginning in Feb. Contact Ellen if interested in volunteering.

AORN at the Museum (S. Luhrs, Chair): Date is January 27th. Plan on being there at 0915 for a 10am start, ending at 1600. Contact Sharon Luhrs at 303-517-7749 if interested in volunteering to share information on perioperative nursing with the community.

Legislative (M.J. Steiert, Chair):Testimony for smoke legislation will be held at the Capitol Jan. 22, 2019.Plan on being at the Capitol by 0900 to coordinate and plan testimony; the committee hearing should start between 10 and 11.  

Here is the story from last year:

 Spring Workshop (J. Mower, Co-Chair): TheSpring Workshop will be held April 26that the Lowry Convention Center. Hard copies of the registration flyer and vendor registration form will be brought to meetings and are also available on the DAORN website and ORNurselink. A poster presentation will be offered for the first time. Please contact co-chairs at juliemower@msn.comor for questions or more information. 

New business: Changes to structure of DAORN Chapter to increase membership participation (P. Camp, President)

The DAORN BOD has looked at options for re-energizing the chapter.

  1. AORN headquarters was contacted for input and support.
  2. Partnership with AORN Foundation Bill Lord Scholarship. Monies for scholarship must be given out in the year in which they were received. A partnership with the AORN foundation means that DAORN would still have control over monies, and vendor contributions would be tax-deductible. 
  3. Ideas for increasing attendance:
    1. Cut down on travel by have 2 or more sites able to access the meeting (for instance, host sites on east/west or north/south sides of town). Keeping sites consistent would be key, as the sites must have the technological capability to send and receive audio and video for member viewing.
    1. Decrease number of meetings to quarterly. 
    1. Most of the board business and committee reports will be placed on ORNurselink and the DAORN website. 
    1. The members will receive orientation on how to access their ORNurselink account.
    1. Peggy asked for membership input on changes. Ideas include:
      1.  Have a good catch segment at the end of the meeting to acknowledge use of critical thinking skills in practice
      1.  Andine is going to build a DAORN Facebook page as another way to get information to members
    1. Karen Elliot is chairing the DAORN Re-energizing Committee. Please contact her to volunteer your time and expertise.   The new format will be instituted at the Sept. 2019 meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 1935.

Respectfully submitted,

Julie Mower, Secretary