Meeting Minutes – February 2019

Date:  Feb. 14, 2019 

HOST FACILITY:  University of Colorado Hospital

Meeting called to order by Karen Elliott, President Elect, at 1937.

Thank you to sponsors and speakers:DAORN President-Elect thanked Silverlon for hosting dinner and Amanda Budak, PhD, RN, CBN, for presenting “The Science of Silver”. James Stobinski, PhD, RN, CNOR, CSSM (E) provided a second education session on “The Twin Threats to Nursing Knowledge”.

Attendance/Guests:  Quorum established.  There were 25 members in attendance, one member attended remotely, one guest.

Approval of January 10th, 2019 meeting minutes with the following correction:

Karen Elliott will be attending Surgical Conference and Expo as a delegate. 

Treasurer’s report (F. Beazer, Treasurer):  

Treasurer’s report as of Feb. 14, 2019:

General account:  $36,858.69

$11,394.68 pending transfer to the Bill Lord Scholarship Fund

Bill Lord Scholarship Account: $1,170.58

$4,792.00 Pending for congress delegate registrations, to be submitted Feb. 15, 2019

Total remaining in account after these transactions:  $20,672.01


Sandi Lindahl distributed flyers on the 2019 Intraprofessional Collaboration Workshop to be held Feb. 21, 2019 at the Baldoria on the Water, Lakewood CO, 0745-1600. Register at 

Board Reports: 

Bill Lord Scholarship Fund and AORN Foundation

Karen gave a detailed account of the proposed change to moving the Bill Lord Scholarship fund to the AORN Foundation, where it will enjoy 501c (3) status. The benefits of this action will be a lighter workload for the DAORN treasurer and donations being tax-exempt, which may encourage donations from our corporate partners. The chapter will continue to oversee distribution of scholarship amounts, and donations may be designated for Bill Lord Scholarships. $25,000 must be in the Foundation before DAORN may begin awarding scholarships. 

After discussion, members present voted to begin submitting funds to the Foundation, beginning with the Bill Lord Scholarship Account, which will then be closed. The $11,394.68 earmarked for scholarships to be transferred from the General Account will also be deposited with the Foundation.

AORN Surgical Conference and Expo

11 people have volunteered to serve as delegates for 2019 Surgical Conference and Expo:

Joan Blanchard

Peggy Camp

Kathy Doughty

Karen Elliott

Andine Gilmore

Darla Gress

Lesia Hatlestad

Ellen Lord

Terry Russell

Mary Jo Steiert

Erika Zamora

The Board recommended based on the number of delegates and current status of chapter funds, that DAORN fund 50% of expenses ($776.00 each) for delegates. The members presented voted to approve this amount. 

The Board approved $250 will be donated to the AORN Foundation Silent Auction.

Julie Mower reminded delegates of responsibilities associated with accepting funds from the chapter. Each delegate is expected to volunteer for a 2-hour shift at the chapter fundraising table at Expo, along with volunteering for one other fundraising event (Spring Workshop, April 26, or Casino Night, Sept. 21). A sign-up list for Expo was distributed to members present.

Committee Reports 

Spring Workshop (Co-Chairs, L. Hatlestad and J. Mower):

We have 8 registrants so far, and 3 vendors. Hard copies of registration brochure were distributed at the meeting and can also be found on DAORN website and ORNurselink. 

Lesia presented information on the new poster presentation session. She brought a sample of a poster for members to look at for possible ideas. Applications for submitting a poster are found on the DAORN website, on ORNurselink, or contact Lesia or Julie.  

Legislative (Chair K. Caesar): 

Kim provided an update on legislative issues affecting perioperative nurses, specifically surgical smoke. Several chapter members attended discussions at the capital. See attachment for details.

New business: 

Next Meetings:

March 9 (Saturday), 0800-1030: Lowry Surgery Center


May 9th: Group wanted to explore having a dinner like we did last year.

Meeting adjourned at 2012.

Respectfully submitted,Julie Mower, Secretary