Meeting Minutes – April 2019


Date:   April 18, 2019                       HOST FACILITY:  The Children’s Hospital, Colorado

Meeting called to order by Peggy Camp, President at 1809

Thank you to sponsors: DAORN President acknowledged Medline and Children’s Hospital for hosting the meeting.

Attendance/Guests(Andine Gilmore):  Quorum was established.  There were 30 members present, one member attending remotely, and no guests.

March 9th meeting minutes: Approved as written.

Treasurer’s report(Faith Beazer):  


                        Checking/Savings Accounts:

                        General Account         $26, 811.77; of this amount, $11,394.68 is pending transfer to Bill Lord Scholarship account, leaving $15, 416.32

                        Bill Lord Scholarship $1,170.58

Correspondence: None 

Board report(K. Elliott, President-Elect)

Members approved the following changes to the DAORN Bylaws:

Article 6: Delete “And Leadership Development” in title; to read Nominating Committee

  • Section 1.A: The Nominating Committee consists of three (3) members. Two (2) members selected inn odd-numbered years and one (1) in even-numbered years, each serving a term of two years.
  • Section 2.B.: “National AORN Congress” changed to AORN Global Surgical Conference and Expo.  

Article 7

  • Section 1.A.:  Delete “and Leadership Development”.
  • Section 1.C.:  Delete “or Vice President”.

See attached revised bylaws. Updated Bylaws will be posted on ORNurselink and DAORN website.

Nominating(Kathy Doughty, Chair) 

2019 slate of officers includes:

President-Elect: Sandi Lindahl

Treasurer: Mary Jo Steiert

Nominating Committee: Ron Jagersky, Joan Blanchard. Toni Cunnings will return as third member of committee.

Board of Directors: Darla Gress

As nominees ran unopposed, no election is needed. New officers should submit a Willingness to Serve form to Karen Elliott or bring to the May meeting. 

Ways and Means(Ellen Lord, Chair)

Casino Night date has been changed to Friday, Sept. 20 at the Ranch beginning at 1900. By moving the event to Friday, $1500 was saved. 

AORN Foundation (Peggy Camp)

There are two options for funding scholarships:

1. Endowed scholarship, in which the chapter has 5 years to reach the required amount of $25,000. This amount must be reached before scholarships can be awarded from this account.

2. Named scholarship: no minimum amount is required. Scholarship(s) could be awarded every year. 

Donors can contribute directly to the AORN Foundation. The Foundation will receive applications and select candidates based on criteria which the DAORN chapter sets. Funds can be designated to the DAORN Scholarship now. 

Peggy recommended that we have both options so that scholarship can continue to be awarded while the chapter is building up the endowment.

Spring Workshop(Julie Mower, Co-Chair)  

There are 17 vendors and approximately 30 people registered for the Spring Workshop, to be held April 26 at the Lowry Conference Center. AORN’s President Elect, David Wyatt, will be giving the Keynote speech. Hard copies of the brochure were brought to the meeting and are available on DAORN website and ORNurselink.

Informatics (Andine Gilmore)

Facebook and Instagram accounts have been set up as additional sources for sharing DAORN chapter news. Please see Darla, Andine, and Alicia for more details. 

Expo(Karen Elliott, President Elect)

  • 2019-2020 National Board Election results:

President-elect: David Wyatt

Treasurer: Vangie Dennis

Board of Directors: Nakeisha Archer, Vicki Barnett, William Duffy, and Brenda Larkin

Nominating Committee: Laura Gayton, David Taylor.

  • Expo Daily: Mary Jo Steiert was selected for the Achieving a Vision for Patient Safety award.
  • Chapter Office Summit

Amy Lynch presented “Let’s Fill That Slate of Officers with (Gulp) Millennials”.  Recommendations include considering younger generation’s career expectations, making time count for chapter meetings, and mixing it up between the generations (Baby Boomers, 1946-1965; Gen X, 1965-1980; Millennials, 1980-1998, and Gen Z, 1998-). 62 % of associations are experiencing membership decline. Time is the most valuable commodity, and meetings need to matter. Options include decreasing the number of meetings and adding charitable events (i.e., 5K, Meals on Wheels, Soup Kitchen). Focus on teambuilding through events like wine tours, sporting events, and breweries. Propose a survey of what members want, the desired number of meetings, and activities members are willing to support. 

  • Colorado sat 14 delegates, 11 from Denver chapter, 2 from Rocky Mountain, and 1 Commuter. 
  • Colorado is the second state to pass a surgical smoke bill.
  • Forum: Concern to bring the Forum back to the members for their voices to be heard as opposed to presentation of reports.

May meeting(Sandi Lindahl)   

The May meeting dinner will be held at the Washington Park Grille, 1006 S. Gaylord. The Sun Room has been reserved and holds 30 people. Diners can choose their dinner option and pay by separate check. There is no parking, but complimentary valet service is available. AORN will contribute $200 towards the event.

There will be no education session at the May meeting. 

Legislative(Kim Caesar)

Colorado is the second state to pass a safe surgical smoke bill. It will go into effect May 1, 2021. AORN has a Go Clear award to encourage facilities to go smoke-free. 

Project Cure Donation (Gerry Hopkins)

A check for $120 has been mailed to Project C.U.R.E. to aid in the distribution of surgical supplies and equipment to developing countries. This money was donated by members of DAORN at our chapter meeting door prize drawings on January 10, 2019, and February 14, 2019.

New business (Ellen Lord)

Peggy Camp has been nominated for the Nightingale Award. 8 people have signed up to attend the gala and there is room for 2 more. Cost is $180. Contact Ellen Lord if interested in attending and supporting our Chapter President. 

Respectfully submitted,

Julie Mower, Secretary