Meeting Minutes – March 2019


Date:   March 9, 2019                                               HOST FACILITY:  Lowry Surgery Center

Meeting called to order by Peggy Camp, President at 0931

Thank you to sponsors: DAORN President acknowledged Irrimax/Irrisept and Mary Jo Steiert for hosting the meeting.

Attendance/Guests:  Quorum established.  There were 28 members present and 3 guests.

February 14th meeting minutes approved as written.

Treasurer’s report:  


                        Checking/Savings Accounts:

                        General Account         $20,207.16

                        Scholarship                 $1,1394.68   

                        TOTAL ASSETS       $31,601.84

Correspondence: None 

Board Reports:  

Committee Reports (Committee chairs or designees)

  • Board report (K. Elliott): Karen will post revisions to Bylaws:

Article 6: Nominating committee: currently states 5 members, will be revised to 3, with 2 being elected on odd years, 1 on even years. 

Article 7: Will delete Vice President reference, this is no longer a position

     Terms of office for Treasurer and Secretary: delete “Treasurer” under 3B.

Mary Jo Steiert suggested revising the title of “Nominating Committee” as national AORN did and delete “and Leadership”.  See attached revised bylaws.

  • Nominating: Kathy Doughty, Chair, absent but need people to run for office for next year. Please contact Kathy if interested.
  • By Laws (Chair): See above
  • Awards: Sandi Lindahl received award from 2018. 
  • Education (Sandi Lindahl, Chair): April meeting will be on April 18th,one week later due to Expo.  
  • Ways and Means (E. Lord, Chair): Casino Night is scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 21 with gambling and on-line and Silent Auctions. No cash and carry that evening. Need volunteers for planning committee.
  • Informatics: Consider placing DAORN chapter news on Facebook and Instagram. Darla, Andine, and Alicia will plan. This is another avenue for reaching members. 
  • Legislative (Peggy Camp): Smoke bill unanimously passed Senate Health sub-committee, now will go to Senate floor where it will be read two times. Optimistic it will pass. 20-30 people were there to support the bill.
  • Spring Workshop: Flyers were passed out for Workshop on April 26that Lowry Conference Center. Group encouraged to take registration flyers back to work; registration is slow. Vendors can be recruited as well for exhibit hall. Would like at least 4-5 posters submitted.  David Wyatt is the keynote speaker, and Julie Cahn will review updates to the AORN Guidelines.
  • Expo: Delegates were reminded to see Karen Elliott for hotels and to sign up to volunteer at chapter fund-raising table.
  • Chapter philanthropy: Andine Gilmore presented information on Living Well showers, which provide shower trailers for the homeless. There is one at St. Joseph’s and one at Civic Center Park. Volunteers are needed to pass out toiletry kits, give directions, and helping afterwards. Andine will collect names and coordinate small groups. Sign up sheet for times (usually mornings) Monday, Thursday, and Friday. 

New business: Mary Jo Steiert reminded group that the national AORN election starts Monday 3-11-2019 through 4-9-2019. Our own Katherine Halverson-Carpenter is running for the Board of Directors. Our previous DAORN member, David Wyatt, is running for President-Elect. 

Respectfully submitted,

Sandi Lindahl (Substitute)