Chapter Meeting – October 12, 2019

You are invited to our second DAORN chapter meeting this coming Saturday at:
Swedish Medical Center
501 E Hampden Avenue
Englewood, CO 80113

0800-0830 AM: Breakfast and Networking

0830-0930 AM: Membership Team Building Activities

0930-1015 AM: Business Meeting

Breakfast sponsored by: DAORN

Free parking available in front of the hospital’s main entrance and ER entrance.

If you cannot attend in person, but would like to call in, please dial: 1-866-740-1260; Access Code: 5177749

Chapter Meeting – September 12, 2019

Please join us for our first DAORN meeting of the new fiscal year at 
St. Joseph Hospital
1375 E 19th Ave, Denver, CO 80218
1730-1800 Networking, Dinner

1800-1900 Education

1905-1945 Business Meeting

Education: “Improving Outcomes in Laparoscopy Through Better Techniques and Technology: A Focus on Electrosurgery”

Sponsor:  Encision

Meeting Minutes – May 2019

Date:   May 9, 2019                        HOST FACILITY:  Washington Park Grille 

Meeting called to order by Peggy Camp, President at 2002

Thank you to sponsors: DAORN President Peggy Camp thanked Jim Stobinski, CEO of CCI, for their support of DAORN. Sandi Lindahl was thanked for her hard work in organizing the May dinner.

April 18th meeting minutes: Approved as written.

Membership: Dinner was a sell-out, with 33 people RSVP’ing for the event. Andine was thanked for her work on promoting DAORN events on social media.

Correspondence: DAORN has been awarded 5-star status by AORN for submission of required chapter accountability documents. Peggy thanked board members who had contributed to preparing and submitting the documents.

AORN Foundation Director, Collette Palmer, was thanked for assistance moving the Bill Lord Scholarship into the Foundation. Collette gave a moving tribute to the care Kim Caesar provided her and her family during surgery as the reason we become nurses.  

Committee chair sign-up sheets were passed around with resounding success. 

Bill Lord Scholarship update (Ellen Lord)Four scholarship applications have been received. Funds will be awarded based on current system. Moving forward, applications will be processed through the Foundation as either named or endowed scholarships. 

Casino Night(Ellen Lord): Casino Night will be held at the Ranch Country Club on Friday, Sept. 20. Note change in date.

Accolades: Peggy Camp is a finalist for the Nightingale Award. DAORN members have purchased a table to support her at the dinner Saturday night, May 11. Jim Stobinski donated a seat for the event.

Thank you: Peggy thanked board and committee chairs for their contributions to the chapter. Julie Mower received the President’s Award.

Meeting adjourned: 2032.

Respectfully submitted,

Julie Mower, Secretary 

Chapter Meeting – May 9, 2019

Before we retreat for the summer break, our last meeting of this fiscal year will be held at the Washington Park Grille. Please note that there will be no educational session. A dinner menu has been created and you will be able to pick your appetizer, main entree, and dessert. Checks will be paid separately by each guest. Space is limited, so please RSVP to Sandi Lindahl by MAY 6 via email: We hope to see you there!

Meeting Minutes – April 2019


Date:   April 18, 2019                       HOST FACILITY:  The Children’s Hospital, Colorado

Meeting called to order by Peggy Camp, President at 1809

Thank you to sponsors: DAORN President acknowledged Medline and Children’s Hospital for hosting the meeting.

Attendance/Guests(Andine Gilmore):  Quorum was established.  There were 30 members present, one member attending remotely, and no guests.

March 9th meeting minutes: Approved as written.

Treasurer’s report(Faith Beazer):  


                        Checking/Savings Accounts:

                        General Account         $26, 811.77; of this amount, $11,394.68 is pending transfer to Bill Lord Scholarship account, leaving $15, 416.32

                        Bill Lord Scholarship $1,170.58

Correspondence: None 

Board report(K. Elliott, President-Elect)

Members approved the following changes to the DAORN Bylaws:

Article 6: Delete “And Leadership Development” in title; to read Nominating Committee

  • Section 1.A: The Nominating Committee consists of three (3) members. Two (2) members selected inn odd-numbered years and one (1) in even-numbered years, each serving a term of two years.
  • Section 2.B.: “National AORN Congress” changed to AORN Global Surgical Conference and Expo.  

Article 7

  • Section 1.A.:  Delete “and Leadership Development”.
  • Section 1.C.:  Delete “or Vice President”.

See attached revised bylaws. Updated Bylaws will be posted on ORNurselink and DAORN website.

Nominating(Kathy Doughty, Chair) 

2019 slate of officers includes:

President-Elect: Sandi Lindahl

Treasurer: Mary Jo Steiert

Nominating Committee: Ron Jagersky, Joan Blanchard. Toni Cunnings will return as third member of committee.

Board of Directors: Darla Gress

As nominees ran unopposed, no election is needed. New officers should submit a Willingness to Serve form to Karen Elliott or bring to the May meeting. 

Ways and Means(Ellen Lord, Chair)

Casino Night date has been changed to Friday, Sept. 20 at the Ranch beginning at 1900. By moving the event to Friday, $1500 was saved. 

AORN Foundation (Peggy Camp)

There are two options for funding scholarships:

1. Endowed scholarship, in which the chapter has 5 years to reach the required amount of $25,000. This amount must be reached before scholarships can be awarded from this account.

2. Named scholarship: no minimum amount is required. Scholarship(s) could be awarded every year. 

Donors can contribute directly to the AORN Foundation. The Foundation will receive applications and select candidates based on criteria which the DAORN chapter sets. Funds can be designated to the DAORN Scholarship now. 

Peggy recommended that we have both options so that scholarship can continue to be awarded while the chapter is building up the endowment.

Spring Workshop(Julie Mower, Co-Chair)  

There are 17 vendors and approximately 30 people registered for the Spring Workshop, to be held April 26 at the Lowry Conference Center. AORN’s President Elect, David Wyatt, will be giving the Keynote speech. Hard copies of the brochure were brought to the meeting and are available on DAORN website and ORNurselink.

Informatics (Andine Gilmore)

Facebook and Instagram accounts have been set up as additional sources for sharing DAORN chapter news. Please see Darla, Andine, and Alicia for more details. 

Expo(Karen Elliott, President Elect)

  • 2019-2020 National Board Election results:

President-elect: David Wyatt

Treasurer: Vangie Dennis

Board of Directors: Nakeisha Archer, Vicki Barnett, William Duffy, and Brenda Larkin

Nominating Committee: Laura Gayton, David Taylor.

  • Expo Daily: Mary Jo Steiert was selected for the Achieving a Vision for Patient Safety award.
  • Chapter Office Summit

Amy Lynch presented “Let’s Fill That Slate of Officers with (Gulp) Millennials”.  Recommendations include considering younger generation’s career expectations, making time count for chapter meetings, and mixing it up between the generations (Baby Boomers, 1946-1965; Gen X, 1965-1980; Millennials, 1980-1998, and Gen Z, 1998-). 62 % of associations are experiencing membership decline. Time is the most valuable commodity, and meetings need to matter. Options include decreasing the number of meetings and adding charitable events (i.e., 5K, Meals on Wheels, Soup Kitchen). Focus on teambuilding through events like wine tours, sporting events, and breweries. Propose a survey of what members want, the desired number of meetings, and activities members are willing to support. 

  • Colorado sat 14 delegates, 11 from Denver chapter, 2 from Rocky Mountain, and 1 Commuter. 
  • Colorado is the second state to pass a surgical smoke bill.
  • Forum: Concern to bring the Forum back to the members for their voices to be heard as opposed to presentation of reports.

May meeting(Sandi Lindahl)   

The May meeting dinner will be held at the Washington Park Grille, 1006 S. Gaylord. The Sun Room has been reserved and holds 30 people. Diners can choose their dinner option and pay by separate check. There is no parking, but complimentary valet service is available. AORN will contribute $200 towards the event.

There will be no education session at the May meeting. 

Legislative(Kim Caesar)

Colorado is the second state to pass a safe surgical smoke bill. It will go into effect May 1, 2021. AORN has a Go Clear award to encourage facilities to go smoke-free. 

Project Cure Donation (Gerry Hopkins)

A check for $120 has been mailed to Project C.U.R.E. to aid in the distribution of surgical supplies and equipment to developing countries. This money was donated by members of DAORN at our chapter meeting door prize drawings on January 10, 2019, and February 14, 2019.

New business (Ellen Lord)

Peggy Camp has been nominated for the Nightingale Award. 8 people have signed up to attend the gala and there is room for 2 more. Cost is $180. Contact Ellen Lord if interested in attending and supporting our Chapter President. 

Respectfully submitted,

Julie Mower, Secretary 

Meeting Minutes – March 2019


Date:   March 9, 2019                                               HOST FACILITY:  Lowry Surgery Center

Meeting called to order by Peggy Camp, President at 0931

Thank you to sponsors: DAORN President acknowledged Irrimax/Irrisept and Mary Jo Steiert for hosting the meeting.

Attendance/Guests:  Quorum established.  There were 28 members present and 3 guests.

February 14th meeting minutes approved as written.

Treasurer’s report:  


                        Checking/Savings Accounts:

                        General Account         $20,207.16

                        Scholarship                 $1,1394.68   

                        TOTAL ASSETS       $31,601.84

Correspondence: None 

Board Reports:  

Committee Reports (Committee chairs or designees)

  • Board report (K. Elliott): Karen will post revisions to Bylaws:

Article 6: Nominating committee: currently states 5 members, will be revised to 3, with 2 being elected on odd years, 1 on even years. 

Article 7: Will delete Vice President reference, this is no longer a position

     Terms of office for Treasurer and Secretary: delete “Treasurer” under 3B.

Mary Jo Steiert suggested revising the title of “Nominating Committee” as national AORN did and delete “and Leadership”.  See attached revised bylaws.

  • Nominating: Kathy Doughty, Chair, absent but need people to run for office for next year. Please contact Kathy if interested.
  • By Laws (Chair): See above
  • Awards: Sandi Lindahl received award from 2018. 
  • Education (Sandi Lindahl, Chair): April meeting will be on April 18th,one week later due to Expo.  
  • Ways and Means (E. Lord, Chair): Casino Night is scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 21 with gambling and on-line and Silent Auctions. No cash and carry that evening. Need volunteers for planning committee.
  • Informatics: Consider placing DAORN chapter news on Facebook and Instagram. Darla, Andine, and Alicia will plan. This is another avenue for reaching members. 
  • Legislative (Peggy Camp): Smoke bill unanimously passed Senate Health sub-committee, now will go to Senate floor where it will be read two times. Optimistic it will pass. 20-30 people were there to support the bill.
  • Spring Workshop: Flyers were passed out for Workshop on April 26that Lowry Conference Center. Group encouraged to take registration flyers back to work; registration is slow. Vendors can be recruited as well for exhibit hall. Would like at least 4-5 posters submitted.  David Wyatt is the keynote speaker, and Julie Cahn will review updates to the AORN Guidelines.
  • Expo: Delegates were reminded to see Karen Elliott for hotels and to sign up to volunteer at chapter fund-raising table.
  • Chapter philanthropy: Andine Gilmore presented information on Living Well showers, which provide shower trailers for the homeless. There is one at St. Joseph’s and one at Civic Center Park. Volunteers are needed to pass out toiletry kits, give directions, and helping afterwards. Andine will collect names and coordinate small groups. Sign up sheet for times (usually mornings) Monday, Thursday, and Friday. 

New business: Mary Jo Steiert reminded group that the national AORN election starts Monday 3-11-2019 through 4-9-2019. Our own Katherine Halverson-Carpenter is running for the Board of Directors. Our previous DAORN member, David Wyatt, is running for President-Elect. 

Respectfully submitted,

Sandi Lindahl (Substitute) 

Chapter Meeting – March 2019

Please join us for our next DOARN Chapter Meeting on

March 9, 2019, 0800 AM

at the Lowry Surgery Center
8101 E Lowry Blvd, Denver, CO 80230

(Call-in: 1-866-740-1260; Access Code: 5177749)

0800 AM: Breakfast

0830 AM: Education Session

0930 AM: Business Meeting

Education: Combating Surgical Site Infections: A Surgical Approach, By Peter B Graves, BSN, RN, CNOR

Nothing is more unfortunate than a patient developing a preventable surgical site infection. This educational program focuses attention on all areas of surgical services, by highlighting many of the current evidence-based and best practices. Using a collaborative, interactive team approach is a critical step in winning the battle against surgical site infections.


  • Review the published surgical site infection rates and the burden on the healthcare system
  • Review key infection control initiatives within the perioperative service line
  • Review evidenced based interventions that have a proven impact on surgical site infections prevention
  • Discuss changes in practice that could have potential impact on surgical site infections

Meeting Minutes – February 2019

Date:  Feb. 14, 2019 

HOST FACILITY:  University of Colorado Hospital

Meeting called to order by Karen Elliott, President Elect, at 1937.

Thank you to sponsors and speakers:DAORN President-Elect thanked Silverlon for hosting dinner and Amanda Budak, PhD, RN, CBN, for presenting “The Science of Silver”. James Stobinski, PhD, RN, CNOR, CSSM (E) provided a second education session on “The Twin Threats to Nursing Knowledge”.

Attendance/Guests:  Quorum established.  There were 25 members in attendance, one member attended remotely, one guest.

Approval of January 10th, 2019 meeting minutes with the following correction:

Karen Elliott will be attending Surgical Conference and Expo as a delegate. 

Treasurer’s report (F. Beazer, Treasurer):  

Treasurer’s report as of Feb. 14, 2019:

General account:  $36,858.69

$11,394.68 pending transfer to the Bill Lord Scholarship Fund

Bill Lord Scholarship Account: $1,170.58

$4,792.00 Pending for congress delegate registrations, to be submitted Feb. 15, 2019

Total remaining in account after these transactions:  $20,672.01


Sandi Lindahl distributed flyers on the 2019 Intraprofessional Collaboration Workshop to be held Feb. 21, 2019 at the Baldoria on the Water, Lakewood CO, 0745-1600. Register at 

Board Reports: 

Bill Lord Scholarship Fund and AORN Foundation

Karen gave a detailed account of the proposed change to moving the Bill Lord Scholarship fund to the AORN Foundation, where it will enjoy 501c (3) status. The benefits of this action will be a lighter workload for the DAORN treasurer and donations being tax-exempt, which may encourage donations from our corporate partners. The chapter will continue to oversee distribution of scholarship amounts, and donations may be designated for Bill Lord Scholarships. $25,000 must be in the Foundation before DAORN may begin awarding scholarships. 

After discussion, members present voted to begin submitting funds to the Foundation, beginning with the Bill Lord Scholarship Account, which will then be closed. The $11,394.68 earmarked for scholarships to be transferred from the General Account will also be deposited with the Foundation.

AORN Surgical Conference and Expo

11 people have volunteered to serve as delegates for 2019 Surgical Conference and Expo:

Joan Blanchard

Peggy Camp

Kathy Doughty

Karen Elliott

Andine Gilmore

Darla Gress

Lesia Hatlestad

Ellen Lord

Terry Russell

Mary Jo Steiert

Erika Zamora

The Board recommended based on the number of delegates and current status of chapter funds, that DAORN fund 50% of expenses ($776.00 each) for delegates. The members presented voted to approve this amount. 

The Board approved $250 will be donated to the AORN Foundation Silent Auction.

Julie Mower reminded delegates of responsibilities associated with accepting funds from the chapter. Each delegate is expected to volunteer for a 2-hour shift at the chapter fundraising table at Expo, along with volunteering for one other fundraising event (Spring Workshop, April 26, or Casino Night, Sept. 21). A sign-up list for Expo was distributed to members present.

Committee Reports 

Spring Workshop (Co-Chairs, L. Hatlestad and J. Mower):

We have 8 registrants so far, and 3 vendors. Hard copies of registration brochure were distributed at the meeting and can also be found on DAORN website and ORNurselink. 

Lesia presented information on the new poster presentation session. She brought a sample of a poster for members to look at for possible ideas. Applications for submitting a poster are found on the DAORN website, on ORNurselink, or contact Lesia or Julie.  

Legislative (Chair K. Caesar): 

Kim provided an update on legislative issues affecting perioperative nurses, specifically surgical smoke. Several chapter members attended discussions at the capital. See attachment for details.

New business: 

Next Meetings:

March 9 (Saturday), 0800-1030: Lowry Surgery Center


May 9th: Group wanted to explore having a dinner like we did last year.

Meeting adjourned at 2012.

Respectfully submitted,Julie Mower, Secretary

Meeting Minutes – January 2019


Date:   1/10/19                                               HOST FACILITY:  Lutheran

Meeting called to order by Peggy Camp at 1846.

Thank you to sponsors:DAORN President acknowledged Lutheran for hosting the meeting and Baxter/Ryan for sponsoring the Dinner and Education.

Attendance/Guests:  Quorum established.  

Approval of November 2018 meeting minutes: Approved as written.

Treasurer’s report:  

Treasurer’s report as of January 10, 2019


                        Checking/Savings Accounts:

                        General Account         $ 36,459.34

                        Bill Lord                       $ 1,170.40  

                        TOTAL ASSETS                     $ 37,629.74

Committee Reports (Committee chairs or designees)

Nominating (K. Doughty, Chair): The Delegates for Nashville AORN Expo are:

1. Erika Zamora
2. Darla Gress 
3. Lesia Hatlestad
4. Joan Blanchard
5. Mary Jo Steiert
6. Ellen Lord
7. Kristy Mooney
8. Andine Gilmore
9. Terry Russell
10. Peggy Camp
11. Kathy Doughty

Awards (C. Andrews, Chair):Lesia Hatlestad was presented with the Chapter Award for Excellence in Leadership.

Education (S. Lindahl, Chair):Collaborative workshop will be held Feb. 21 at Baldoria on the Water, Lakewood. Topics include opioid crisis and Type II diabetes. Cost of registration is $75.   Information and registration may be found at

Ways and Means (Chair):A casino night will replace the golf tournament, which has experienced declining player registration for several years. Casino night will be held Sept. 21, 2019 at the Ranch Country Club. There will be both live and silent auctions. The planning committee will convene beginning in Feb. Contact Ellen if interested in volunteering.

AORN at the Museum (S. Luhrs, Chair): Date is January 27th. Plan on being there at 0915 for a 10am start, ending at 1600. Contact Sharon Luhrs at 303-517-7749 if interested in volunteering to share information on perioperative nursing with the community.

Legislative (M.J. Steiert, Chair):Testimony for smoke legislation will be held at the Capitol Jan. 22, 2019.Plan on being at the Capitol by 0900 to coordinate and plan testimony; the committee hearing should start between 10 and 11.  

Here is the story from last year:

 Spring Workshop (J. Mower, Co-Chair): TheSpring Workshop will be held April 26that the Lowry Convention Center. Hard copies of the registration flyer and vendor registration form will be brought to meetings and are also available on the DAORN website and ORNurselink. A poster presentation will be offered for the first time. Please contact co-chairs at juliemower@msn.comor for questions or more information. 

New business: Changes to structure of DAORN Chapter to increase membership participation (P. Camp, President)

The DAORN BOD has looked at options for re-energizing the chapter.

  1. AORN headquarters was contacted for input and support.
  2. Partnership with AORN Foundation Bill Lord Scholarship. Monies for scholarship must be given out in the year in which they were received. A partnership with the AORN foundation means that DAORN would still have control over monies, and vendor contributions would be tax-deductible. 
  3. Ideas for increasing attendance:
    1. Cut down on travel by have 2 or more sites able to access the meeting (for instance, host sites on east/west or north/south sides of town). Keeping sites consistent would be key, as the sites must have the technological capability to send and receive audio and video for member viewing.
    1. Decrease number of meetings to quarterly. 
    1. Most of the board business and committee reports will be placed on ORNurselink and the DAORN website. 
    1. The members will receive orientation on how to access their ORNurselink account.
    1. Peggy asked for membership input on changes. Ideas include:
      1.  Have a good catch segment at the end of the meeting to acknowledge use of critical thinking skills in practice
      1.  Andine is going to build a DAORN Facebook page as another way to get information to members
    1. Karen Elliot is chairing the DAORN Re-energizing Committee. Please contact her to volunteer your time and expertise.   The new format will be instituted at the Sept. 2019 meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 1935.

Respectfully submitted,

Julie Mower, Secretary

Chapter Meeting – January 10, 2019

Happy New Year!  

Start off the New Year with a commitment to professional growth!  Join us for our January 2019 DAORN Chapter meeting to be held at

Lutheran Medical Center, 8300 W 38th Avenue, Wheat Ridge, CO 80033

1730-1800: Dinner (provided by Baxter) & Networking

1800-1900: Education Session

1905-1945: Business Meeting

Call-in Number: 1-866-740-1260, Passcode: 5177749      

Education Information:

Understanding Hemostatic, Sealant and Adhesive Agentspresented by Baxter

Due to the risk factors related to perioperative bleeding, members of the perioperative team need to be knowledgeable about the wide variety of hemostatic, sealant and adhesive agents that are available for the management of bleeding in surgical and other invasive procedures. 

 Session Objectives:

  1. Discuss the evolution of surgical hemostasis.
  2. Review the surgical challenges and impacts of bleeding.
  3. Describe methods to achieve surgical hemostasis.
  4. Summarize the coagulation cascade and how a clot is formed.
  5. Define the categories of hemostatic, sealant and adhesive agents.
  6. Discuss mechanisms of action, components and safety considerations for hemostatic, sealant and adhesive agents.