DAORN Silent Auction Basket for AORN Congress 2012

Please bring items for the DAORN silent auction basket to the February 9th DAORN meeting.


Thanks to everyone who bought $1450 of KSC at our November 10, 2011, chapter meeting.  Our chapter has $25 and $100 King Soopers gift cards for sale at each chapter meeting.  Please bring $25 or more in cash or check to our February meeting to buy KSC to support our delegates to AORN Congress.

The winners of our “Perioperaive Nurses Week” Raffle on November 10, 2011, were:  1.  Locker Mirror/Caroline Mrlik.  2.  Shopping Bag Kit/Cathy Andrews.  3.  Cosmetic Travel Bag/Jan Stull.  4.  Cooler Lunch Bag/Sharon Luhrs.  5.  Alarm Clock/Larry Marchiano.

Raffle tickets are $1 each or six tickets for $5.  Thanks to the following donors of the prizes for the “Valentine Raffle” on February  9, 2012.   1.  Harry London Chocolates/Michelle Spichard.  2. Chocolate Truffles/GerryHopkins.  3.  Ferrero Chocolates/King Soopers.  4.  Rolling Tote Bag/Sandel Medical.  5.  Nail Care Kit/Duke Nursing.

Gerry Hopkins, Ways and Means, Games Manager


AORN Congress Volunteers Needed

Hello Friends and Colleagues,

I want to tell you about an opportunity to volunteer at Congress in New Orleans in March.

Congress will soon be upon us!  As a member of the Congress Planning Committee, President of the New Orleans Chapter 1902, Congress 2012 Volunteer Coordinator and a perioperative nurse who believes in the importance of preparation, I would like to encourage you to become a Congress Volunteer!  You could volunteer as a session moderator, silent auction monitor, or information agent just to name a few of the positions available!

To learn more about the benefits of becoming a Congress volunteer, send me an e-mail at Linda.levesque@hcahealthcare.com, or call me at 504-256-4910 (cell).

With your help we will work together to make Congress 2012 the best ever!

Linda Levesque


February 9 2012 – DAORN Meeting

St. Anthony’s Hospital

11600 W. 2nd Place  

Lakewood, CO 80228

(720) 321-0000

Call into the meeting:  1 – 866 – 382-0408         Access Code:   3036394300

  • 5:00-5:30     Board Meeting 
  •  5:30-6:00     Social Hour 
  • 6:00-6:30     Business Meeting
  • 6:45-7:45      Education Session – 
                                     “Update on IV Sedation”  
                                      Presented by Ben Chang

President’s Message – December

Thank you to P/SL Medical Center for hosting the November Chapter meeting and to IMS for sponsoring the dinner and the speaker.  Thanks also to Rebecca Loptien for covering in my absence. 

This will be the first year that we are taking a two month winter break in the meeting schedule so just a reminder the next Chapter meeting will be February 9th at the new St. Anthony’s Central Hospital.   I will update this message as we get closer to the meeting with the call in information so check back in January.

Congratulations to the delegates selected for 2012 Congress.  Please remember to send your Congress registration information to Karin Underberg so that we can register everyone at the group rate.

We need Colorado themed donation items for the basket we will donate to the AORN Foundation Silent Auction held at Congress.  Please bring your items to the February meeting as the Foundation would like them turned in by mid-February. 

I recently had the opportunity to attend one of the Chicago AORN Chapter meetings in December.  I was looking forward to observing their meeting and seeing if there were any takeaways that I could learn from them.  What I came away with was that I am very thankful for our Chapter and for how we are a well oiled machine thanks to all the committee chairs and Board members who dedicate numerous volunteer hours to our organization.  Thank you to the Board members who take care of the business and finances of the organization as well as look towards the future of our Chapter; thank you to those involved with fundraising like the annual golf tournament to support our delegates; thank you to those that work on providing education for our Fall Workshop and monthly Chapter meetings and thanks to the members who attend the monthly meetings and other events.  We are a vibrant Chapter and we have a lot to be thankful for. 

I hope all of you enjoy the holidays and I look forward to seeing in you February! 

Happy Holidays!

Tammy Woolley


Research Articles – November DAORN Meeting

Preoperative Fasting – Will the Evidence Ever Be


Research Article nov 2011





Meeting Minutes-Nov. 10, 2011


Date: Nov. 10, 2011                                                      HOST FACILITY:  Presbyterian/ St. Luke’s

Meeting called to order by R. Loptien, President-Elect, at 1800

Host and dinner sponsors:  Rebecca thanked Presbyterian/St. Luke’s for hosting the meeting and IMS for sponsoring the dinner and education offering.

Guests were introduced and welcomed.

1. Approval of business meeting minutes    R. Loptien

Minutes were approved as written by members present.

2. Correspondence           R. Loptien

The chapter received a thank-you from the AORN Foundation for its $500 donation


3. Treasurer’s report        K. Underberg

General Fund Raffle Fund Bill Lord Scholarship Fund Total assets


Total assets

$ 32,707.45


$ 488.70 $ 3,863.75 $ 37,059.90 $5,475 $42,534.90

The net profit from the Fall workshop will be split with the Rocky Mountain Chapter for Healthcare Central Service personnel.

4. Committee Reports                    (Committee chairs or designees)

  • Fall workshop, Education (Peggy Camp)

Peggy thanked all the volunteers and attendees at the Fall workshop. The speakers were of very high quality. She expects more vendors’ fees to be deposited.

  • Nominating (Kathy Doughty): 12 delegates will be sent to the 2012 AORN Congress. Kathy reminded Mary Jo Steiert and Marge Utz to turn in their point sheets to her. Delegates are:

Kathy Doughty                  Terri Russell

Eileen Havey                      Mary Jo Steiert

Ron Jagersky                     Marge Utz

Rebecca Loptien               Barb Wiens


Ellen Lord                           Tammy Woolley              

Geri Pesek                          Barb Youngberg               

The delegates were approved by members present. The requirements for points acquisition were reviewed. A delegate must have been a member for 1 year prior to nomination.

  • OR Nurse Week (Nancy Johnson): Nancy thanked the volunteers for OR Nurse Day at the Museum of Nature and Science. The exhibit enjoyed a huge turnout.  More volunteers will be needed for pm shift next year.
  • Awards: (Mary Jo Steiert): AORN individual award deadline is Nov. 12.
  • Membership (Susan Younger): DAORN has 536 members; 38 were present. 10 guests were introduced; 8 were from P/SL Periop 101 course.
  • Research (Sheila Liston): Sheila presented an article on preop fasting article which found that ASA recommendations are not being followed. Healthy patients may have clear liquids up to 2 hours before surgery. The article will be on-line.
  • Raffle (Gerry Hopkins): Fabulous merchandise is available for the raffle tonight, as well as King Soopers Coupons.
  • 60 year celebration (Eileen Fraser): Megadyne is offering a donation to offset the cost of the dinner. More donations are welcome; Eileen encouraged members to talk with their vendors. It was recommended to charge $10/person; 50 year AORN members will be invited as guests.  A proposed site for dinner is the Arvada Center. Details will be finalized at the Feb. meeting. Check the DAORN website for more details. Vendors should contact Eileen Fraser. She will put a sample letter on the website that members can download to give to their vendors. Peggy Camp will send the letter to vendors from fall workshop. 
  • Education grant (Barb Hershelman): The next deadline for applications is Jan. 20th. Contact Barb for a hard copy until they are available online. Lesia Hatelstad was awarded a grant for $500 to go towards her Master’s program.

New business

Barb Youngberg: Project Cure is looking for people to go on needs assessment visits to other countries. Talk to Barb Youngberg or go to ProjectCure.org for more information. Volunteers are also needed at the warehouse.

Next meeting: Feb. St. Anthony West

Meeting adjourned at 1827

Educational offering: Instruments of Mercy, presented by Gene Robinson

Respectfully submitted,

J. Mower, Secretary

2012 AORN Congress Information

If you are planning to attend 2012 AORN Congress individually (not as a Chapter delegate) and would like to take advantage of the group registration discount, please go on the AORN website and review what information is necessary for us to register you when we send in the delegate registration.  Send that information to Karin Underberg at karin.underberg@childrenscolorado.org and she will respond with where to send your check. 

Deadline to have information for group registration is January 20th to Karin.  

Also, start thinking of Colorado/Denver themed items you would like to contribute to the basket that we donate to the silent auction at Congress.  You can bring those items to the February meeting or contact Rebecca Loptien of myself for donations.

Tammy Woolley






October 13 2011 Business meeting minutes

DAORN Business Meeting


Oct. 13, 2011


Porter Adventist
Meeting called by Tammy Woolley
Type of meeting Monthly Chapter Meeting
Facilitator Tammy Woolley
Note taker Julie Mower
Timekeeper Called to order at 1800


Host and dinner sponsors

t. woolley
Discussion Tammy thanked Porter Hospital and Biogel/Smith   for hosting dinner.




approval of business meeting minutes

t. woolley
Discussion Approval of Sept. 2011 Business meeting minutes
Conclusions Approved as written





treasurer’s report

General Fund Raffle Fund Bill Lord Scholarship Fund Total assets


Total assets

$ 32,371.10


$542.70 $ 3,863.75 $ 36,777.55 $7,225 $44,002.55




Board recommended funding for Congress delegates be set at 70% of cost, or $1,241.80/member.  DAORN can seat 17 delegates at Congress; at this time 13 members have expressed interest and are eligible. 

Conclusions Chapter approved funding 70% of cost of attending Congress as a delegate.
Action items Person responsible Deadline
Persons interested in serving as a delegate are asked to contact a member of the nominating committee. Kathy Doughty Nov. 10, 2011



t. woolley
Discussion Chapter bulletin:

  • Chapters will no longer have to send a designated alternate as a delegate for Congress
  • Suggested alternative ways to attract younger members including e-mail, website, Facebook, text meeting reminders.  Anyone interested in setting up a Facebook account for DAORN please see Tammy.
AORN Foundation chapter challenge: Board suggested donating $500. Approved by members present.

New AORN Individual achievement award: please give nominations to Mary Jo by Oct. 31. Eligibility requirements include excellence in providing a safe workplace for staff and patients. Deadline for submission of applications to AORN is Nov. 12.

OR nurse week (Nov. 7-13) proclamation sent by Gov. Hickenlooper and shared with chapter.




committee reports

(committee chairs)

Fall Workshop (Ellen Lord): Persons interested in attending workshop can still sign up at door tomorrow. Barb Hershelman has handled registrations=57 paid; expects 20-30 walk-ins. Vendors registration totals=13,500.00 with $4000 more expected. Most speakers were sponsored.  Registration starts at 0630.


Education: Joan Blanchard is speaking tonight on Surgical Site Infections.


Education grants (B. Hershelman): One grant has been submitted. Next deadline for submission is Oct. 20-see Barb H. Congress grants are due Jan. 2012


Informatics (Faith Beazer) Provided demo on website. Features include:

  • Enter e-mail address and can get weekly/monthly updates
  • Same address (daorn.org)
  • Recent posts are listed on right
  • Meetings and events will be on calendar
  • 2 people have already contacted Faith about being members.
  • Can analyze visits for trends
  • e-mails to president go to a mailbox, not to their e-mail address


Nominating (Kathy Doughty): Read list of eligible people and asked for anyone else who thinks they are eligible to turn their point sheets in to Kathy.  If more than 17 are interested, there will be a ballot. Barb Youngberg read the bylaws concerning eligibility in delegate policy which reads:

 4. Has not attended a Congress as an elected Delegate or alternate with in the previous year unless there are not enough delegates to fill the Chapter’s quota and the member wants to volunteer.


OR Nurse Week (Nancy Johnson): Museum of Nature and Science update. Nov 5 (Sat) sign-up sheet is being sent around. 2 shifts 9-12, 12-3. Stations will include hand washing demos, care of peds/adults, laparoscopic instrumentation, plating systems, drills, sawbones, spines with hardware, draping. Need instruments, pulse ox. Nancy asked that hospitals save extra gowns, masks, gloves. It is expected that 500-600 kids will come through.


Ways and Means (Ellen Lord):  Thanked everyone who worked on the golf tournament. Still collecting checks from vendors. Gerri Hopkins has tax-deductible letters for people who donated to silent auction. The committee is looking for ideas for the sales table at Congress.


Research: (Jim Stobinski) Distributed study on certification and education by L. Aiken. Higher levels of education plus certification result in better patient outcomes. Jim’s successful defense of his dissertation brought loud huzzahs and congratulations from the group.


Board report: (R. Loptien): Only eligible people can go as delegates so less than 17 may be going. Need to have accrued 12 points from Sept. 2010- Sept. 2011 to be eligible.


Tammy presented a candy bar prize to Jan Stull to acknowledge her contributions as president last year.


Mary Centa passed away this summer. DAORN’s thoughts are with her family.


Project Cure is looking for volunteers to serve as sorting team leaders. 2 hour blocks of time are available on weekends and evenings. Contact B. Youngberg if interested.





Next meeting: Presbyterian/St. Luke’s

Adjourned: 1837

Respectfully submitted, J. Mower

11/10/11 DAORN Meeting Presentation Power Points