KSC & Raffles – November 2, 2011

Thanks to everyone who bought $1750 of KSC at our October 13, 2011, chapter meeting.  Our chapter has $25 and $100 King Soopers gift cards for sale at each chapter meeting.  Please bring $25 or more in cash or check to our November meeting to buy KSC to support our delegates.

The winners of the prizes donated for our October 13, 2011, “Early Christmas Shoppers” Raffle were:  1.  Nature Craft/Coleen McCarthy.  2.  Knitted Scarf/GG Braa.   3.  iPhone Case/Pika Lynch.  4.  Foot Notes/Kim Caesar.  5.  Alarm Clock/Jan Stull.  6.  Pumpkin Craft/Maggie Zeaphey.  7.  Pumpkin Craft/Larry Marshino.  8.  Pumpkin Craft/Coleen McCarthy.  Thanks to Jan Stull for the three pumpkin crafts.

Thanks to the DAORN chapter for donating the following prizes for the “Perioperative Nurses Week” Raffle on November 10, 2011.

1.  Locker Mirror

2.  Shopping Kit Bags

3.  Cosmetic Travel Bag

4.  Cooler Lunch Bag

5.  LCD Alarm Clock

Gerry Hopkins, Ways and Means, Games Manager




November Meeting Location and Call In Number

The November meeting will be held 11/10/11 at P/SL Medical Center 1719 E. 19th Ave, Denver.

Call in number is 1-888-757-2790  Pass code 753165. 


President’s Message November

Thanks for the great turnout at the October meeting at Porter.  We haven’t been there for a meeting in awhile so hopefully we will get some of our south Denver members returning to meetings!  Thanks Jan for making the arrangements and thanks to Biogel and Smith’s Medical for sponsoring the dinner.

Also thanks to the planning committee and volunteers for the Fall Workshop.  I don’t have the final numbers yet but I do know we had over 75 attendees and a sold out vendor fair.  This is our biggest fund raiser for the Chapter so appreciate all the efforts made to support this venture.

Before our next meeting, we will have the OR Nurse Week demonstration at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.  It  is not too late to volunteer or get a team together to bring a display to the museum.  Nancy Johnson is the contact person or come and help out from 9AM-3PM or anytime you are available. 

I will not be able to attend the November meeting at P/SL on the 10th so Rebecca will chair in my absence.  The call in number is 1-888-757-2790.  Presentation power point slides are posted under monthly meeting details on this website.  There are two parts.

KSC & Raffles – October 9, 2011

Thanks to every one who bought $1800 of KSC at our September 8, 2011, chapter meeting.  Our chapter has $25 and $100 gift cards for sale at each chapter meeting.  Please bing $25 or more in cash or check to our October meeting to buy KSC to support our delegates.

The winners of the prizes donated for our September 8, 2011, “You Are a Masterpiece” Raffle were:  1.  Hallmark Tablet/Maggie Zeaphey.  2.  Pareau Wrap Around/Eileen Havey.  3.  Cosmetic Bag/Kathy Doughty.  4.  Lacquer Art Plate/Kathy Doughty.  5.  Alarm Clock/Terry Russell

Thanks to the following donors of the five prizes in our “Early Christmas Shoppers” Raffle on October 13, 2011:

1.  Nature Craft/Geri Pesek

2.  Knitted Neck Scarf/Mary Luedders

3.  Case for iPhone/Maggie Zeaphey

4.  Foot Notes/Jan Stull

5.  LCD Alarm Clock/DAORN

Gerry Hopkins, Ways and Means, Games Manager

President’s Message October 2011

Thank you to Children’s Hospital Colorado and to Norma Roath from Cardinal for sponsoring the site and dinner at the September meeting.  It was the first time we have introduced teleconferencing during the meeting and we will continue to partner with the host facilities to offer this alternative for meeting attendance.  Call in information will be listed on the meeting reminder postcard and we will coordinate with the speaker to have the speaker slides posted on the DAORN website.

If you are reading this message, you have visited the new DAORN website!  Thanks to Faith Beazer for taking the lead and moving our website forward with an updated program.  Board members and select Chapter members have direct access to update information on  line so we hope this provides more timely information to the Chapter members.

     Thank you to all the members who have signed up as committee chairs/members and host hospitals for the 2011-2012 Chapter year.  I can’t help but notice we have the same handful of “active” members to I would encourage all members to get involved with at least one committee or project this year and become “active” in your local organization.  All the committee chairs were listed in the September newsletter or contact me and I will help you get connected.

     The October meeting will be held on October 13th at Porter Hospital and on October 14th at St. Joe’s will be our combined Fall Workshop.  Special thanks to Peggy Camp, Peggy Spitzer, Lynn Parton and Faith Beazer for organizing this event.  We have several vendors already signed up so take advantage of this opportunity to earn CEU’s as well as support your Chapter in this fundraising event.

Tammy Woolley





Meeting October 13, 2011 – Porter Hospital

Porter Hospital
2525 South Downing Street
Denver, CO 80210

Free parking in main parking garage
Enter main hospital entrance
go to 2nd floor conference center

  • 5:00-5:30     Board Meeting (Eagle Conference Room 2nd floor)
  •  5:30-6:00     Social Hour (Twin Peaks Conference Room 2nd floor in Conference Center)
      • Dinner provided by Trent Stock Molnlycke and Kurt Meyer Smith Medical
  • 6:00-6:30     Business Meeting
  • 6:45-7:45      Education Session
      • Joan Blanchard speaking on Infection Control Update

Call 303-765-6113 for questions Jan Stull

September 2011 – Meeting Minutes



sept. 8, 2011


The Children’s hospital colorado
Meeting called by Tammy Woolley
Type of meeting Monthly Chapter Meeting
Facilitator Tammy Woolley
Note taker Julie Mower
Timekeeper Called to order at 1800


Host and dinner sponsors

T. Woolley
Discussion Tammy thanked Children’s Hospital and Cardinal for hosting dinner.
Headquarters-eligible to send 17 members as delegates. Kathy Doughty has information on eligibility criteria. Send points template to her




Approval of Business Meeting minutes

t. woolley


Discussion Approval of May 2012 Business meeting minutes
Conclusions Minutes approved as written


Treasurer’s report

K. Underberg
General Fund Raffle Fund Bill Lord Scholarship Fund Total assets


Total assets

$ 21, 624.60 $543.45 $ 3,863.75 $ 26,031.80 $3750 $29,781.80





tammy woolley
Discussion DAORN has been invited to a wine and cheese reception in recognition of supporting a float at the 2011 Rose Bowl parade on Oct. 12.





Tammy woolley
Discussion Committee chair positions have all been filled.

A site for April meeting is still needed. A sign-up sheet will be passed around during the meeting.

If any DAORN member has changed his/her address, please remember to give this information to Headquarters. Several surveys were returned as non-deliverable.
The Board had two meetings over the summer: one for new and outgoing board members, and one for board members and committee chair people. 
The number of yearly chapter meetings has been decreased from 8 to 6. Meetings will be held on the second Thursday of the following months:  Sept., Oct., November, February, March (AORN delegates only), April, and May. The board will meet beginning at 1700; social time is from 1730-1800. The business meeting will begin at 1800. The May meeting will include a dinner to celebrate DAORN’s 60th anniversary.  


committee reports

(Committee chairs)
Discussion Membership (Susan Younger):  DAORN has 535 members with 30 attending tonight’s meeting. Guests were introduced. Two members attended virtually via conference call. Awards: Mary Jo Steiert has agreed to chair this committee. No report given. Fall Workshop (Peggy Camp): Tammy Woolley provided an update. The workshop is on Oct. 14 at Exempla St. Joseph’s hospital. A flyer will be mailed. Contact Lynn Parton, Peggy Camp or Peggy Spitzer for volunteer opportunities. One of the keynote speakers is sponsored by Sage; that session will be open to Infection Prevention nurses. Hospital Captains (Cathy Andrews): No report given. Informatics (Faith Beazer) Faith reported that she is interviewing prospective website designers to take over this duty. The present website is current and up to date.


Nominating (Kathy Doughty): People  interested in being delegate to Congress 2012 are asked to contact her at Kathy.doughty@dhha.org


OR Nurse Week (Nancy Johnson): The wildly popular OR Nurses’ Day at the Museum of Nature and Science will include hands-on presentations for the public.  E-mail or call Nancy if you would like to sponsor a table. The exhibit will be Nov. 5 from 9-3pm.


Ways and Means (Ellen Lord): Tammy Woolley provided the report. The Bill Lord golf Tournament netted $3,700 net. Scholarships were awarded in the amount of $3200.


Planning committee, DAORN 60th anniversary celebration (Eileen Frasier): Members to help on the committee were solicited. The May meeting will be held at a restaurant to be determined. Please give suggestions to Eileen. DAORN like to honor our longest AORN members, so make sure to put dates of membership on any correspondence.  It was recommended that persons RSVP’ing provide a check to hold the reservation; the check will be returned upon attending the dinner. Criteria for attendance are still to be determined.





new business

b. youngberg
Discussion Project Cure needs help sorting instruments. No experience required. Please contact Barb Youngberg is interested in helping. 
Educaton sesson Tonight’s education session is “Native Americans and Organ Transplantation” presented by Karin Underberg. The PowerPoint for Karin’s lecture will be available on DAORN’s website.

Meeting adjourned at 1843.

Respectfully submitted, Julie Mower, Secretary

May 2011 – KSC & Raffle

King Soopers Gift Cards (KSC)

Thanks to everyone who bought $1525 of KSC at our May 12, 2011, chapter meeting.  Between May 10, 2010, and April 14, 2011, our chapter purchased $10,550 KSC which netted a profit of $527.50 to help fund our delegates at AORN Congress.

 Our chapter has $25 and $100 gift cards for sale at each chaptermeeting.  Please bring $25 or more in cash or check to our

September meeting to buy KSC to support our delegates. 

Gerry Hopkins, Ways and Means


Several prizes have been donated for our September 8, 2011, “You Are a Masterpiece” Raffle.  Our gift donors hope that when you wear, use, or share one of the following prizes you will remember your own uniqueness and see it in others around you.  Thanks for the following gifts from these donors:

1.  Hallmark Tablet/Jan Stull  

2.  Pareau Wrap Around 14 Ways/Maggie Zeaphey

3.  Zag Bag Cosmetic Purse/Maggie Zeaphey

4.  Lacquer Art Plate with Stand/Judy Holley

 5.  LCD Alarm Clock/DAORN

 Bring one dollar or more to our chapter meeting and enjoy a fun raffle.

 Gerry Hopkins, Games Manager

August 2011 – President’s Message

Welcome back DAORN members!

Where did the summer go?  Hope you were all able to enjoy it!

Now back to work with exciting DAORN Chapter activities:

  • The combined Board meeting was held in July.  A recommendation from the Education Grants committee was to increase DAORN members funding for chapter education grants.  The Board approved an increase for eligible members to receive equal or less than the price of the AORN Congress pre-registration fee on an annual basis (up from a cap of $250).  Delegates are not eligible for other grants the same year they receive delegate funding.
  • The membership survey results were reviewed and the Board voted to implement the requested changes starting this year.  Please note that we will be decreasing the number of Chapter meetings from 8 to a total of 6 (Sept, Oct, Nov, Feb, April, May).  The delegates will have an additional meeting in March to prepare for Congress and the May meeting will be a dinner meeting in celebration DAORN’s 6oth anniversary and installation of officers.  Business meetings will be 30 minutes and will begin at 6:00PM and the education session will follow from 6:45-7:45PM.  We are also in the process of implementing webcasting and will implement a pilot at the September meeting (see meeting information on back page).
  • The Board approved the redesign of the DAORN webpage and will outsource the set up this year.
  • The golf tournament in June was another rousing success thanks to Ellen Lord and her crew!  We awarded 4 nursing scholarships for a total of $3200.
  • AORN Congress will be March 24-29th in New Orleans and our Chapter can send 17 delegates.   Look for the nominating committee members to be giving you a call to see if you would be interested in serving in this capacity.

Thanks to all of the Board members and committee chairs for all the work you have contributed over the summer.  It is going to be another busy year!


Tammy Woolley

May 2011 – Meeting Minutes

May 12, 2011 6:15 – 7 PM

 Call to Order & Welcome 1825 Jan Stull

Thank Hosting Facility: Children’s Hospital

Tammy Woolley and staff were thanked for hosting meeting.

Membership Welcome and Visitors – Susan Younger & Marissa Decoux

Visitors and guests were introduced. 329 members attended meetings for 2010-2011. 40 members are here tonight, and 2 guests

Approval of Minutes- April meeting

Minutes approved as printed.

Correspondence Jan Stull

Jan Stull read a thank you note from Jessica,our former industry rep, from Congress

Treasurer’s Report Karin Underberg

General Fund $16, 090.88

Raffle Fund $209.45

Bill Lord Scholarship Fund $7,063.75

Total Assets $23,364.08

King Soopers $5,275

Total Assets $28,639.08

Board Report

Tammy WoolleyDifference between 2010 and 2011 balances was $75.00 Karin Underberg stressed that Social Security numbers are needed before getting checks.

May 15, 2012 is DAORN’s 60th anniversary. It was suggested to recognize those who have been members for 50 years and have a dinner for the 2012 May meeting.

The results of the meeting survey show that most people do not want a change in the way meetings are conducted. A copy of the survey is on the website; please return to Tammy Woolley.

Committee Reports Committee Members

1. Awards Cathy Andrews

No applications have been received for chapter awards. Forms are on the website.

2. Bylaws Barb Youngberg

Please bring bylaws book to Barb or call her and she will pick up.

3. Education Jan Stull gave report for Peggy Camp. Fall workshop planning is in place.

4. Education Grants Barbara Hershelman

Kathy Doughty, Eileen Havey, and Ellen Lord received grants. No new applications have been received. The next deadline is July 20th. Requirements for eligibility were reviewed. The form is posted on the website.

5. Fall Workshop Julie Martin, Lynn Parton, Peggy Camp

See report under Education, #3, above.

6. Finance Karin Underberg

Karin requested 3 volunteers to audit the books. Jan Stull, Barb Hershelman, and Tammy Woolley volunteered.

9. Legislative Jan Stull gave report for Mary Jo Steiert

CNA is working on 40 different bills. Its offices have been moved to the first floor of the AORN building.

10. CNA Micki Parsons

Parity for nurses did not pass House.

12. Ways and Means Ellen Lord

    • 6 applications were received for a Bill Lord scholarship. The Board will review applications at their meeting in May.
    • The Bill Lord Memorial Golf tournament is June 6. Needs include:

a. Volunteers

b.Celebrity (ies) to play. Celebrities play for free and are invited to stay for lunch. Fox 31 may promote the golf tournament and will try to find a celebrity to golf.

c. Items are needed for stuffers for 120 goodie bags. Please bring items to the meeting next month

c. Items and volunteers for silent auction

d. People to play

Flyers were distributed at the meeting and are on the website. 3 holes have been sponsored so far. 12 people have signed up to play. Ellen will meet for consignment items tomorrow morning. Please volunteer for course and silent auction.

13. Informatics-Faith Beazer will update the website.

I .Unfinished Business Jan Stull

Faith Beazer. The Tissue Education workshop will be June 11th at Children’s. Register with Faith. Checks or cash only at the door. Information will be posted on our website, at hospitals, and will be on OR Nurse link. Sessions provided includeOsteobiologics: Bone Physiology and Healing, Allograft Tissue: Requirements for the Surgical Setting, and Improving Safety in Tissue Transplantation


J. New Business Jan Stull

1. Deb Warren from AORN is looking for anyone who would like to sponsor leadership committee attendees for dinner on June 25. Karin Underberg volunteered to host a group.

  1. 6 people applied for a Bill Lord scholarship. $3000 is available for scholarships. 4 applications have been approved, with a possible 5th based on further discussion between the Jan Stull and Ellen Lord.

    A motion was passed to award $650 for 5 applicants or $800 for 4 applicants pending final determination of number of applicants approved. Scholarships will be awarded at the golf tournament.

  2. Lynn Parton announced that on July 16 the Rocky Mountain Chapter for Healthcare Central Service Personnel is having a ÒCollege of CleanÓ at Medical Center of the Rockies. Brochures will be sent to hospitals. Information is on their website.
  3. Rose Seavey noted that currently Congress delegates are not eligible for education grants and asked for further discussion at a future meeting.

K. President’s awards:

  • Barb Youngberg for her contributions to the chapter, specifically for her work towards changing the policy for determining quorum.
  • Peggy Camp for her efforts towards providing quality educational offerings for the year.

Faith Beazer and Julie Martin were thanked for their work on the AORN national chapter award application.

The following committee chair people were recognized

  • Cathy Andrews, Awards
  • Barb Youngberg, Bylaws
  • Mickie Parsons, CNA
  • Peggy Camp, Education
  • Barb Hershelman, Education grants
  • Peggy Camp, Julie Martin, Lynn Pardon- Fall workshop
  • Karin Underberg-Treasurer
  • Leisa Hatlestad-Hospital captains
  • Faith Beazer-Informatics
  • Marissa DeCoux and Susan Younger-Membership
  • Sharon Luhrs and Rebecca Loptien-OR Nurses week
  • Geri Pesek, Tellers committee
  • Ellen Lord-Ways and Means
  • Geri Hopkins-Raffle and King’s Soopers coupons

The members enjoyed the chocolate theme for the installation of officers and ceremony thanking current board and committee leaders.

Marissa and Susan provided perfect attendance membership awards to Cathy Andrews, Faith Beazer, Eileen Fraser, Gerri Hopkins, Geri Pesek, Rose Seavey, Jan Stull, Tammy Woolley, and Barb Youngberg

K. Meeting adjourned at 1915. Jan Stull

Respectfully submitted,

Julie Mower, Secretary