Meeting Minutes – May 2017

DAORN Chapter Minutes

May 11, 2017 at Littleton Hospital

Meeting called to order at 1800 pm

Dinner provided by DAORN Chapter

Thank you to Littleton Hospital for hosting meeting

Attendees: See membership sheets.

Quorum Present: AS above

Action of Previous Minutes: Approved as written

Balance in Treasury: $29,588.76

General Account: $28,374.21, Bill Lord Scholarship Account: $1,184.85

Board Report: Five applicants for Bill Lord Scholarship, all applicants approved for $1000. each

Old Business: Workshop _ Leisa gave thank you to all who helped and attended. Attendees said that workshop was well run! Presentations are on DAORN website. There was also feedback for future education ideas.

It was recommended to do workshop in Spring – when to do it will be discussed at Board meeting.

Julie talked to Chapter about CNOR class. She said last year CCI AND HCA partnered for CNOR prep course. Wendy Lander was to provide content to teach class and to get money from non-HCA applicants. In spring of this year – Wendy and CCI partnership was not working out. The new class will bi in August. For those who signed with Wendy – would they be able to transfer to class? Julie said CCI is developing prep class. Will do pilot – non-HCA employees could seat for pilot- only ten seats available. at no charge. Those who signed with Wendy – will get first choice. Class will be July 8 and 9.

Kathy from Denver Health asked if we would be keeping Sat. meetings next year. It was discussed and decided, yes we would keep. We have as many members at Sat. meetings and Thurs. meetings.

Committee Reports:

Awards: Peggy presented Chapter Award for Excellence to Tammy Wooley, great job Tammy!

Julie Mower got President’s Award from Leisa

Ways and Means: Ellen talked about Golf Tournament and that applications were given out at workshop. She said brochures on website. Also handed out more at meeting. Will have meeting June 1 at 6pm at Amici’s Restaurant. June 11 at Ranch – at 1 pm to make bags for players. Passed around list for people to help at tournament. major money making event to help fund scholarships. Gerry Hopkins taking auction items! Can bring up to day of tournament.

Scholarship: none

OR Nurse day: none

Legislative: Micki will put in newsletter. Ten bills for Healthcare. The Bill for fingerprinting for nurses, etc went nowhere.

Facility ambassadors: none -except talk up Golf tournament

Bylaws: Policy – committee reports due July 1. Will write in policy for delegates,the information passed by chapter at least meeting.

Membership: 29 members present, one guest. Andine reported we have 471 members. We have gone up from 350 members last year to 471 this year. The most was in 2010 at 517 members. Leisa said the amount of members we have is part of accountability for National Standards to become five star chapter.

Leisa thanked all the Chairs of committee for all their hard work over year!

New Business: Karen Underberg talked about Collaborative Workshop for next year. To be held Feb.15, 2018. Asked for help as she is Chair.

Leisa was contacted by President of Student Nurses. Will try to contact a little later in year, to develop a better relationship with them.

Installation of officers for 2017 – 2018 was held. See list on website.

Hour of Adjournment: Meeting was adjourned at 1858.

Signature of Secretary; respectfully submitted by Catherine Andrews RN, CNOR

Chapter Meeting – May 11, 2017

DAORN – Chapter Meeting

Thursday – May 12, 2017

Littleton Adventist Hospital


  • 5:30  pm        Dinner & Networking

  • 6:00-7:45     Awards Presentation & Business Meeting



President’s Message – May 2017

Greetings DAORN Members,

Can you believe it is May! It seems as if just a few months ago I wrote my first president’s message and now I am writing my last. This has been a good year for our chapter. Why do I say that and what is the data to support this statement? We know in healthcare it is about safety, satisfaction, accountability and the data to support these measures of success. As a non-profit organization we need to demonstrate to our national organization that we meet several accountability standards and I am proud to say that we demonstrated compliance in the five attributes outlined by national organization.
We successfully submitted our Accountability Standard; we held a significant number of education and business meetings; we demonstrated adequate membership growth; and we sent delegates to our national meeting. With these achievements, national considers our chapter a shining star achieving 5 stars meaning we are a “pioneering” chapter! This recognition is a tribute to all of the hard work done by our officers, board, and committees. To this, I say THANK YOU!

April was a busy month for our members. Many attended the Global Conference in Boston. Our Saturday meeting was well attended. And our workshop was a success! I have received many complements from members, attendees, and vendors. Thanks to all who made this a success.
Our vendor from our Saturday meeting has provided a link to attain contact hours

Thank you Chris Wertz from Medtronic.
As our year winds down, we still have a few activities that I hope you will consider participating in. Our last meeting will be held at Littleton Hospital. We will have our usual social hour, a business meeting and lastly our installation of new officers. I hope you will join us. The year is not over yet….Please plan to support our Annual Bill Lord Golf Tournament. This is our fundraiser to provide nursing scholarships. One of our Chapter Goals is to support this very important work. Talk it up to family, friends, and vendors. Always a fun day. Please check the website for details on events.

• DAORN Chapter Meeting – Littleton Hospital – 5:30
• Bill Lord Golf Tournament – Monday June 12 – The Ranch

Remember to bring your silent auction items and golf bag goodies to the May meeting!

It has been my honor to serve as your President of DAORN for this past year. I look forward remaining an active member and supporting next year’s officers and members.

Lesia Hatlestad

Chapter Meeting – April 15, 2017

DAORN Meeting

Lutheran Hospital – Saturday April 15th


  • Breakfast and Networking – 0800-0830
  • Education – 0830-0930
  • Business Meeting – 0945-1030

President’s Message – April 2017

President’s Message for April 2017


As I am writing this message some of our members are returning from this year’s AORN Global Conference in Boston.  I hope the meeting met your expectations as far as education, work of the organization, meeting old and new friends and mostly having fun.


Our month is very busy for our chapter and I hope that all of you are ready to support are biggest fundraiser, the workshop!  As of this writing, our registration numbers remain extremely low.  Please talk up the workshop.  We need this to be well supported by you the membership!


I would like to encourage you to promote our Bill Lord Scholarship which will be presented during our annual golf tournament in June.  Are you attending school for an advance degree in nursing or do you know someone who is?  We are always excited to present these scholarships as this is one of our goals of our chapter.  All of the information and forms are on the DAORN


Speaking of the golf tournament…Gerry Hopkins is accepting items for the silent auction.  You are welcome to bring these items to the April meeting.  I am accepting goodies for the golfer gift bags as well.  Suggested items would be small snacks, lip balm, kleenix.


I look forward to seeing you at our April DAORN Meeting being held at Lutheran Hospital on Saturday April 15th.

Breakfast and Networking – 0800-0830

Education – 0830-0930

Business Meeting – 0945-1030


Upcoming Events:

DAORN Workshop – April 21 – Lowery Center- Registration Deadline April 14, 2017

Deadline for the Bill Lord Scholarship Applications – April 30

Bill Lord Golf Tournament – June 12



Lesia Hatlestad

DAORN President

Chapter Meeting – March 9, 2017



Thursday – March 9, 2017

Colorado Hospital South Campus


  • 5:30  pm        Dinner & Networking

  • 6:00-7:00     Education Session

    • Dr. Jay Albright – Adolescent Sports Medicine

  • 7:15-7:45       Business Meeting


(Call-in: 1-866-740-1260; Access Code: 5177749)

President’s Message – March 2017

Greetings DAORN Members,


Can you believe Spring is almost here!  How will the season arrive?  Like a lion or a lamb.  Well… it is Colorado so I guess we will see.  I wish to thank Children’s Hospital for hosting our February meeting in the Board Room no less!  Our educational presentation was exceptional and our meal was provided by FFG Financial.


Thank you to those who helped with our Nurses Day at the Museum on Saturday February 25.  And special thanks to Sharon Luhrs for coordinating the important community event.  We had a great time promoting good health habits as well as our profession as perioperative nurses.


Some of you are in the planning stages of preparing to attend the Global Surgical Conference and Expo in Boston.  I always look forward to this event as it provides an incredible opportunity to participate in our profession at a national level through networking, education, and using our voice at the House of Delegates.  For the first time in a long time, I will not be attending due to a personal conflict. Do not feel sorry.. I am traveling to South Africa for holiday.  However, I will use my voice as a member and will be voting for our officers.  We have had this ability to for every member to vote for some time and yet according to our Journal many members do not know they can vote even if they do not attend the national conference.  Voting does matter. Review the proposed ballot of officers in your January Journal.  Learn about the candidates and what they propose to offer.  Your choice helps to influence your perioperative practice as well as the direction of your professional organization.  Online voting begins March 6 through midnight of April 4.  Here is the link:

www.aorn/Voting Matters20       Link should work starting March 6


With March here, that also means our year is coming to a close as it relates to our monthly meetings.  Our work and energy to support this chapter will continue.  Please think about nominating one of your peers for an award this year.  These awards will be announced at our final meeting in May.  Submit your nomination to Tammy Woolley for Educator, Clinical Excellence, and Leadership.  We all know peers who deserve this important recognition. Again, use your voice.


Upcoming events:

  • DAORN Meeting at Children’s South Campus March 9th-Education is Dr. Jay Albright speaking on Adolescent Sports Medicine
  • Global Surgical Conference and Expo Boston – April 1-5
  • DAORN Workshop – April 21, 2017
  • DAORN Bill Lord Scholarship Applications are due April 30, 2017
  • DAORN Bill Lord Golf Tournament – June 12


Lesia Hatlestad – President


Meeting Minutes – January 2017

Chapter Meeting – St. Anthony’s

Date: January 12, 2017

Called to order at 1919

Education session was first

Attendees:  See membership sheet

Quorum Present:  As above

“Hot Topic ” first – What does your hospital do for maintaining Normothermia? Many members voiced their practices!

Leisa thanked St. Anthony’s for hosting and providing dinner. Also, thanked 3M representative Patty for providing Education and Dinner.

Correspondence: New accountability requirements. Leisa submitted them and we are in compliance.  DAORN is  5 star Chapter by meeting the criteria. 2017 changes include funding for nursing students,wealready meet this requirement.

Action of Previous Minutes: Seconded and approved as written.

Balance in Treasury: Total: $33,943.82, General account: $32,718.97, Bill lord Scholarship: $1,224.85.

Business Transactions: Discussion on what to give delegates for Expo. Two scenerios were presented , either to pay for five nights or six nights stay Scenerio B for six nights was chosen. The amount is $1270.40. Approval of delegates as presented: Cathy Andrews, Joan Blanchard, Peggy Camp, Sandy Lindahl, Andine Gilmore, Rose Seavey, Kathy Doughtery with Mary Jo Stiert being chair as she is president-Elect. Several other members are going and will act act as delegates- Karen Elliot, Eileen Frasier and Sharon Luhr. Every member can be delegate.

Awards: Nothing

Bylaws: Nothing

Fall workshop: Was moved to April 21 at Lowry. Vivian Watson, Rose Seavey and Karen Underberg will still present. Leisa is checking with other speakers. Caterer will be same.

Finance: nothing

Facility Ambassadors: nothing

Informatics: Web site is still available. Faith will update nominating form and other forms. Faith showed members how to navigate site

Legislative: Mickie said this was short session- there are over a 100 bills. hickenlooper is working on keeping Affordable Care Act

Membership: 403 members  27present, 1 guest and mickie Parsons on phone

OR Nurse Day: Sharon said we would do Museum on Feb.25  8-2 pm . need volunteers. Sent list around.

Scholarship And Grants: Eileen Frasier put one in for Expo- approved!

Ways and Means: Golf Tournament – June 12- there will be modest increase in prices. will have save date card at workshop.

Nominating Committee: Andine presented Ballot for officers: Pesident-Elect- Peggy Camp, Treasurer – Faith Beazer, Board- Sandy Lindahl and Tammy Woolley, Nominating – Kathy Doughtery and Kristin Mooney. It was presented to membership to approve Ballot as read. it was accepted.

New Business: Karen Underberg talked about Collaberative workshop to be held Feb. 16 at Fairmont Cemetary Events Center. $ 70.00 for 6 CEUS and lunch.

Next Meeting: At Children’s, Feb. 9

Hour of Adjounment: meeting adjourned at 2010.

Signature of Secretary: minutes respectfully submitted by Catherine Andrews

Chapter Meeting – February 2017

DAORN Chapter Meeting

Children’s Hospital Colorado

February 9th 2017


  • 5:30  pm        Dinner & Networking

  • 6:00-7:00     Education Session

                                             Overview of pediatric Colorectal Surgery
Presented by Dr. Alberto Peña M.D. and Andrea Bischoff M.D.

  • 7:15-7:45       Business Meeting

 (Call-in: 1-866-740-1260; Access Code: 5177749)

President’s Message – February 2017

Greetings DAORN Members,


Thank you to those who attended our January Meeting at St. Anthony’s in person and via Ready Talk.  Special thanks to the St. Anthony’s team for our venue and dinner. We had a great presentation related to patient warming from our 3M partners.  Thank you Patricia Devens.


Our business meeting was productive with the approval of our list of delegates as well as approving our ballot of officers for next year.  Thank you so much to the great work from our nominating committee.  And thank you to those members who have chosen to support our chapter in a leadership role.  Can anyone recall having a ballot and voting completed so early?


How many of you were involved with the amazing Woman’s March the day after the inauguration?  I did not attend but was moved by the numbers of women and men who participated and exercised their voice for equality.  As perioperative nurses we have the important responsibility to exercise our voice in speaking up for our patients as well as ourselves to provide a safe environment to deliver safe care. We also have the responsibility to use our voice and collaborate with our national officers. Plan to participate in the next AORN Virtual Town Hall and special business meeting February 21, 5pm MT. You can hear about the proposed bylaw changes that will be voted on at the Surgical Expo in Boston. As well you can be part of the approval process for the AORN position statements on Responsibility for Mentoring and Patient Safety.  To vote on these statements you must register for the meeting and can do so through the AORN website.  This opportunity really allows for you to have a voice.  And as our theme for the year is the Power of You, I urge you to use your voice.

I hope to see you at our next meeting hosted by Children’s Hospital February 9th at 1730

Remember you can always call in for both the education and business portion.  Our education topic will be Pediatric Colorectal Surgery.

1-866-740-1260 Access Code 5177749


Upcoming Activities:

  • Nurses at the Museum, Saturday February 25th  8am to 2pm.  Contact Sharon Luhrs for details and to let her know you plan to help.
  • Save the Date- April 21-DAORN Workshop and Vendor Fair
  • Save the Date- April 30th – Deadline to accept the Bill Lord Scholarship applications
  • Save the Date- June 12-DAORN Bill Lord Golf Tournament-Start Talking it up



Lesia Hatlestad

DAORN President